Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I return with clean and conditioner hair by Paul Mitchell,...The Detangler & Shampoo Two

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Shampoo Two

This shampoo thoroughly cleanses like no other.  It lathers and foams really well without having to use a lot of the product which is one of my factors in determining a good shampoo!!
The fresh lemon scent uplifts and makes your hair as well as your scalp feel fresh and clean.  I found even after a weekend out, meaning heavily styled hair with mousse, curl spray and lashings of Firm Hold Elnett, this shampoo cut through the impurities after one application.  It’s safe to say I Love Love Love this shampoo!!!

RRP : £8.96
Hairtrade Price £7.61

The Detangler

One word…WOW!
This is By far THE best conditioner I have ever used.  Leaving hair shiny, conditioned (not overly so either so no heaviness) and perfectly detangled…cut through a weekend of backcombing so I have given it a rough ride and it still delivered.  I will definetly be buying again….a standing order may be the best thing so I never run out!! 
If you’re not already using this conditioner then I must say you NEED too, at least try it, I promise you will be hooked!!

RRP: £12.25
Hairtrade Price £10.39

LGC xx