Sunday, 23 October 2011

How To: The Perfect Red Lip

The Pillarbox Red Pout is one of those all time classics along with the LBD, the Crisp White Tee, the Tailored Blazer and the Perfect Fitting Indigo Bootcut Jean.  Every girl, woman and man (the more extravagant ones out there!) must experiment with a red lipstick at least once in their lifetime and hopefully like me feel powerful, glamorous and sexy wearing it!

Although I had never been daring enough to try out a red pout until last month on a glam night out for my Friend Kim's Birthday. 
My outfit was the Black Lace dress from my previous post where I sent out a plea to all style queen to help me style the dress.  Wearing a black dress especially with a lace back, screamed out for an ultra glamorous make up look and I was feeling daring so I strayed from my usual smoky eye and nude pink lip and ventured onto pastures new, teaming a Gold Shimmering Eye with a Red Lip.

Outcome of my experiment below :)

After loving the outcome I decided to do a tutorial because,  as classic as the red lip look takes patience, commitment and willpower to get it right and to look more Angelina than Krusty the Clown!

Ok so First of all the tools you will need:

Red Lipstick (I would say the most important aspect of this look!)
Red LipLiner
Blotting Tissue (any old tissue will do the trick hey even toilet roll)
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion (*Optional but makes the lipstick stay that extra mile)

First Step: 

Apply The Eyeshadow Potion to the lips for a matte blank canvas - this enables the lipstick to adhere to the matte surface and the nude colour gives the lipstick a good background to get that POW from the Pillarbox Colour!

Second Step:

Line The Lips - using your desired lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick - this is crucial to get the same shade as you want no obvious difference.

When i line my lips to get that extra "Plumpness" I draw slightly (EVER SO - please don't go more than 2 mm over your natural lip line this is venturing on dangerous circus territory)
Apols for the Scary Alien Face :/

Third Step - The Fun Part -  Colouring In!

Fill in the lips using your desired Brand of Red Lipstick  (I'm using Make Up Academy from Superdrug - great brand for starting point especially when experimenting with colour choices)

Use the pointed edge of the Bullet to go over the liner to blend in. 

Fourth Step: Get'ta Blottin Gurl!

An important step often missed in haste but please invest in blotting after the first coat - it sets the lipstick into the lip and gives a good foundation for the next coat.

Place edge of  tissue/toilet paper/kitchen towel? inside mouth holding at either edge then simply close your mouth pressing your lips into the tissue then release the tissue - you will notice this has left a matte effect and taken the excess product off of the lips .

As previously said use any desired blotting agent, the more absorbent the better!

Fifth Step: Now for the Drama!

Apply a second coat of the Lipstick for me this is enough but it is entirely your preference and will depend upon the product you use as to how many coats you apply - but remember to repeat previous step (Blotting in-between each coat to ensure Long Lasting Lips!

Sixth Step: Perfection is Vital

Now unless you are extremely steady handed you will get slightly wonky lines, over application of product in the corners of the mouth or basically you may just need to start again...a good tipis to use a cotton bud (Q Tip) with Eyemake up remover on to gently remove (without effecting the main lip area) excess product or to neaten up the outline of the lips...For me my mistake is I end up filling in the corners of my mouth to much so I just neatened it up with the Cotton bud.  

If Intense smudging occurs then applying a little more foundation/concealer around the lips should disguise any staining from the smudge.  

Final Step: Finishing Touches

This is fun - from a basic red lipstick you can achieve various looks - adding a clear gloss for ultimate pazzazz, a shimmer for understated glitz, or simply adding a lighter colour to the middle of your bottom lip and to the top of your cupids bow to add extra volume as I did :) using a pale shimmery Smashbox Lipgloss.


I Will be experimenting with the Red Lip Look especially during the festive period at all of those Xmas Do's.

I've seen some girls wearing Red Lips during the day with really stylish clothes and I get so jealous not too sure I've got the courage to do that yet...but if I ever dare Ill let you Know!!!

Love Leigh Leigh x

p.s Great advice on choosing the perfect Red Shade for your skin tone over at Bella Sugar

Friday, 7 October 2011

Feel Unique Beauty Box: October's Delights!

Wooo Hoo- after 6 weeks of anticipation and excitement I have today received my first Feel Unique Beauty Box!!!!
(I even passed going to the gym straight from work in order to get home to review my treats!)

My first Impressions are extremely positive - Great sizes - great brands and great products all for £9.95 a month! (Details on how to subscribe are here on Feel Unique's website.

The Box is a sleek and chic, black and hot pink box with a slide out feature

Fabulous Contents Above!!!

Contents (L-R): 

  • Caudalie Vinexpert Radiance Day Fluid SPF10 - 10ml
  • TIGI Catwalk Sleek Mystique Straight Collection Blow Out Balm -90ml (My favourite product from the box - can;t wait to use it!)
  • Orly Nail Lacquer 5.3ml (Love this great multicoloured Glitter shade- Excellent for Party Season!)  
  • Burberry Body Fragrance Sample - 5ml (Must admit, I Had a quick, cheeky spritz and I would say this fragrance is sophisticated and polished- a great  work fragrance - not floral or girly) 
  • Crabtree and Evelyn Indie Hicks Island Living Spider Lily Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy -50ml (havn't tried this yet but can't wait to use it when I do my next Manicure)
  • Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash - 2 in 1- exfoliating face wash - 60ml- (This is true to it's name - absolute Bliss and a dream to use - love, love, love it foams really well, smells fresh and clean, none-drying, gentle exfoliating beads - but enough to make it feel like a good scrub, as I hate them type of scrubs where there's only about two exfoliating beads in one 10p sized amount and you need'nt have bothered - no this is actually one of the best facial washes I have used!)

Soooo will the next box be as good as this one?? After searching the web for reviews of the September Beauty Box (It looks great too)- I have confidence that Novembers will also be worth the wait and the while.

I am already a subscriber to Glossy Box and after a few disappointments I might wait until I receive my October Glossy Box, do a Vs post with Feel Unique and then decide which subscription to keep - although at the moment I'm favouring Feel Unique (even after only 1 box!)

Has anyone else received this months Feel unique Beauty Box - what do you think which is your favourite products.  How does it compare to GlossyBox???

Love Leigh


p.s. Please Comment!!!