Monday, 19 September 2011

Help!! Style Advice Urgent Plea!!!

OKay so I'm going to Leeds for a night out for my Gorge friend Kim's Birthday on Saturday and with me purse strings being a bit tight after having to pay for my car insurance even thought it's just totally bailed on me (anyway long, different story), I have zilchamundo pennies available to spend on a new outfit...therefore I need help styling this dress (below) with some shoes and accessories I already have...ok so here are the options.....

Lace Black Parachute dress

Back View Full Lace back Section with large Gold Zip

Which Bag????

Which Shoes?????

I was thinking if I go for a polished look I could wear the Nude Shoes and nude bag with Crimson nail Varnish
If I was going for a gothic look I could wear my black show boots and my black bag with Deep Violet nails??

All advice greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

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