Monday, 30 April 2012

I & K Bold & Blunt Clip in Fringe -

You may have or may have not noticed the new badge to the left - yes, I am now a blogger!!

My first product to review was the I & K Bold & Blunt Clip in Fringe

I'm so glad I got this product as I had a fringe cut in last year and although I loved the final result, it was a bit of a challenge to style.  Especially since I walk to work and go to the gym everyday, most days. 
Mr Fringe was causing major image concerns and most times it just had to be restrained with a few kirby grips which didnt look too stylish either :/
The fringe was sent super speedy and I received it earlier this week but I've only just had time to get to trial it out. 
The fringe will need to be straightened when you receive, I suggest straightening the fringe firstly  by holding it and then once in position on the head. 
I had to trim mine as it was a bit long me, but this is easlity done , alternatively take it to the salon when you get your next haircut I'm sure they wouldnt mind trimming it for you if you are not confident yourself.  

Here's the photies...(apols about quality, my camera bailed on me so taken with my phone)


      Without                                                                  With

Don't know what I'm finding so funny here

I will probably wear this fringe with my hair up and I think it will look particularly fetching accompanied with a top knot. 

Its really easy to put in but it may take some time to disguise the join but nothing a bit of back combing and "shushzing?!" can't fix. 

The I & k Bold and Blunt Clip in fringe is £22.99 available here.  I chose colour P18/22 and it is a really good match.  The colour chart they have is really good and they have many different shades to choose from.  Other styles of the fringe are also available including a side swept fringe and a highlighted side fringe ooo!

Let me know what you think, would you buy and wear a clip in fringe? 

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Friday, 27 April 2012


Nails Inc, Elemis, Benefit, Weleda, L'occitane all for under £9.!!

The CEW (UK) Winners Box 2012 - Worth over £50 rrp, yours for £8.95 + £2.95p&p!!!!

The CEW(UK) Beauty Awards 2012 Box

This Sunday make sure you don't miss out -grab  The Mail on Sunday including YOU magazine for details on the limited edition box!

Let me know if you manage to get one!!

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Half Price Vita Liberata at Debenhams!

Just a Quick Post to inform you of the amazing sale on Vita Liberata at Debenhams! I'm not sure if Debenhams have stores nationwide but sure you can get this deal online too!

Im so glad i tried out Vita Liberata got a great deal on their travel pack on ebay and now im hooked, everything from the exfoliator, to the moisturiser to the actual tanning products deliver great results and if you opt for their tinted range it's foolproof!!
As well as providing a natural, golden tan it doesn't have an odour (obviously due to chemical reactions that happen during the developing stage you cant escape that familiar smell with any tan) and just check out the amazing ingredients below!!

After much deliberation and self control to not buy every product in the range in the sale (I've already got 2 bottles of the 24 carat shimmer wash off tan, it's a must have!), I decided to go for 2 products I hadn't used before, Rich Silken Chocolate Tinted Self Tan Gel for the Face and the Intense Silken Mousse (the darkest tan they offer), both half price, Face tan for £8.75 and Mousse for £11.25 both products totalling £20!!!! 
I will let you know the outcome of these as I will be tanning on Thursday night ready for night out on Saturday, but I anticipate wonders!

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Monday, 16 April 2012

The Latest In Beauty : The Editor's Picks Box

I'm still a regular user and fan of Latest in Beauty and I'm still amazed at what they offer - 3 samples of your choice (from options) for £1.50 how easy can you get?!
I regularly use this non subscription monthly service as well as taking advantage of their Deluxe samples and amazing Themed Boxes.  

The latest themed box is The Editor's Picks Box - for £5.95!! (£2.95 p&p BUT contents worth over £30!) you receive deluxe samples of high end brands, picture this Eve Lom, L'Occitane, Miners, Emma Hardie, Ad Skin System, yes I'm not winding you up, Eve Lom and L'Occitane feature in this beauty box for under 6 smacaroonies! 

This perfectly selected box focusing on skincare but throws in an gorgeous Miners Polish to jazz things up a bit - This box is my idea of heaven - being a former beauty therapist I'm a skincare junkie and the brands featured in this edition feed my addiction precisely.

Miners Nail Colour in Jezebel – Worth £2.99


Eve Lom Rescue Mask 15ml – Worth £8.40


L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream 3ml – Worth £4

 Emma Hardie Amazing Face Lift & Sculpt Plumping Serum 10ml – Worth £14

AD Skin Synergy Nourishing Night Treatment 5ml – Worth £3.80


I don't think there are any of these themed boxes left but check out their deluxe samples or their monthly little beauty boxes - 

I also purchased the ARK Age Prepare Kit for Young Skin for £2.50 as it had just come back in stock - they do different variations of this kit depending on your age.   (Separate blog post soon!)

They also included a  15% discount code for ...and of course I'm going to share with you lovely people...simply enter LATEB15 at the check out page for this great discount - let me know if you use it and what you got!

Have you used any of these products - Are you a user of Latest in Beauty??

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge - BeautyBlender Dupe

Y'all may be know the latest hype about the Beauty Blender available here.  this soft pink sponge is revolutionising the way make up is applied, boasting an airbrushed effect with high level of ease to use.  

now, for £14.50 its slightly on the expensive side for a make up sponge, in my opinion anyway, but I so wanted this after seeing many tutorials showing the results.  I deliberated, talking my self out of buying it, then talking myself back into it, hence and so forth, then I got poorly sick and forgot all about this little pink dilemma.  

THEN I stumbled across a familiar sight in Superdrug, something boasting a seamless airbrushed finish, pink in colour, and with a pointed tip...

O.M.G...did I find this Beauty Blender, no but I found a great alternative, basically an downright, unashamed dupe of the Beauty Blender, not as conical as the original but, it has the same suede finish,  rounded base and pointed tip, and to top it all off, it's nearly a tenner cheaper!  

How to use: 

  1. Wet the sponge squeezing out excess water
  2. Apply foundation/ concealer to the back of hand or onto the sponge and dot around face
  3. Gently bounce the sponge onto the make up, blending with this patting motion provides an airbrished effect
  4. Use the pointed end for around the eyes/nose/lips
  5. This patting/stippling motion removes the chance of streaking or tone change in the skin
  6. Wash after use

So, if you haven't already splurged and got your manicured mitts on the Beauty Blender, can I recommend this alternative to save your pennies?!