Monday, 19 September 2011

New Product Crush - Instant Wash Off Tan!

 soo I regard my self as a Self Tan Snob...although my guilty pleasure was St Moriz but I've stopped using it now as it totally dries my skin out.

I have always in the past hopped from St Tropez Lotion and Mousse to Fake Bake to Xen Tan even California Tan with the odd Salon spray tan thrown in there...I've been using them for years and I'm somewhat of a Self tan Connoisseur.  I had never before May this year used an Instant Wash Off Tan...I sorta turned my nose up at them and just thought they were orange nasty and unreliable...WELL I can now say I have overcome my fear of Instant Wash off Tans and will be using them on a regular basis and can recommend them with glee and enthusiasm.

The Brand that helped me uncover this revelation was Vita Liberta 24 Carat Gold Instant Shimmer Tan- Available here or here.  This Instant tan goes on with no smell, best to apply liberally with a Tanning Mitt.  it blends in really easily on goes on a Golden / Caramelly colour with a subtle shimmer (honestly it's really subtle so your not gonna look like you've been attacked with a bag of glitter!).  

I ordered a new bottle of this before my holiday but it didn't arrive in time so the day before I went I had to scour the high street for a cheap alternative...I hesitantly decided to choose Superdrug's Solait brand Instant Tan in Matte (scared of an unknown shimmer product) and for £3.99 the damage to my holiday spending money was minimal. I can say that this is an amazing product - I thought because it was fairly inexpensive it may be orange but it was a dream....a great alternative to  Vita Liberata and it was my holiday lifesaver. Again apply liberally with a Tanning mitt, great coverage, great cover, great blending, great all rounder basically!

As with all Tanning, exfoliation is the key and I always moisturise the usual tan absorbing culprits (elbows, knees, ankles, and wrists,  most overlook the wrists but I always moisturise here as a patchy wrist can let down an otherwise perfect and elusive DIY tan). 

Has anyone else found any great instant tans or what are your best self tanning tips??? 


Help!! Style Advice Urgent Plea!!!

OKay so I'm going to Leeds for a night out for my Gorge friend Kim's Birthday on Saturday and with me purse strings being a bit tight after having to pay for my car insurance even thought it's just totally bailed on me (anyway long, different story), I have zilchamundo pennies available to spend on a new outfit...therefore I need help styling this dress (below) with some shoes and accessories I already have...ok so here are the options.....

Lace Black Parachute dress

Back View Full Lace back Section with large Gold Zip

Which Bag????

Which Shoes?????

I was thinking if I go for a polished look I could wear the Nude Shoes and nude bag with Crimson nail Varnish
If I was going for a gothic look I could wear my black show boots and my black bag with Deep Violet nails??

All advice greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Glossy Box - September- Disappointment

First of all Glossy Box is a really great company and show that they do really care about their customers and are really enthusiatic about the service they are providing and I would love to work there being surrounded by gorgeous products all day long but......

......what I need to get off my chest is that,  I'm being quite disappointed in my selections - It seems like everyone is getting at least 2 big products in their box where I seem to be left with all the small ones.  Take this months for example:

Does anyone else agree it look empty compared to others selections? Search for Glossy Box on Twitter/Google and check out some of the blog reviews and see what others got compared to mine!

Some other got The HD Brow Set, A full Size Deep Conditioning treatment for the hair plus the NUXE Multi  use oil (ALl in my opinion 3 great size luxe products)... 

I think that the people not getting the deep conditioning treatment (instead receiving the sachets of shampoo and conditioner ) should have got the Nuxe Oil instead of the green balm - Plus I would have loved the salt scrub instead of the green balm or the supershine spray instead of the shampoo and conditioner....I just think all the biggest products should be shared out equally ... #justsaying