Sunday, 18 November 2012


Hi all just a quick blog post as I'm really tired, I've been in Edinburgh all weekend and I'm so tired, but it was well worth it! As a bonus I also discovered a new tasty cocktail which I have to recreate at home it's called a Mardi Gras has anyone had it?

Anyway slightly off subject but I just wanted to christen and show off my new blog design, courtesy of the super talented and lovely Steph at Bonjour Belle - Click here to visit Stephs blog!.   I've been following her blog for a while and totally love it, and it was a bonus to find out Steph did blog designs and looking through her examples I knew I needed one!

The design Steph has created t's totally me and better than I could ever have designed I love it!!! Plus I have a blog button if anyone would like to feature it on their blog, a great archive (I love looking through a blog's archive, especially at their first ever post!) so feel free to have a snoop, plus there's the usual twitter, instagram and bloglovin buttons for you to follow me using these too.

Check out Steph's designs on her blog, or just check out her great beauty and fashion posts!


Monday, 12 November 2012

Praire Charms: Project Blogger - Get gorgeous braclets and help charity!

I was contacted by Prairie Charms to see if I would like to take part in their project blogger! Project blogger gives the opportunity to bloggers to take advantage of the mahoosive saving, 50% in fact off the Prairie Charms bracelet range.

The Praire Charms are so gorgeous I got 3, come on if you have a browse how could you possibly only limit it to 1!

I chose:

♥ Amelia - product image


♥ Chloe - product image

The bracelets are really cute and I like wearing all 3 together along with a few ribbon friendship bracelets I have aquired from various holidays. 

There is absolutley no obligation to write a blog review of the bracelets, but if you do, you get your blog link  posted on Praire Charms website so the lovely customers of Praire Charms can have a browse through the blogs and hopefully decide to follow!

As well as this bloggers that submit a review will be entered ionto a comeptition to win blogger of the month.  Winners will each receive their own unique, 'one of a kind,' semi-precious gemstone bracelet and the chance to collaborate their own blog and help design their own beauty blogger bracelet set which will go live on the website and offer a special discount to their own blog followers! This is such great idea and I'm so excited hope I'm a winner!

And like all our other bracelets 10% of proceeds will go to benefit Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, 'Kiss if Better' campaign. We would love to increase this % on bloggers bracelets, so the more bloggers that we can get involved the more we can do to help! 

Who's participating?
Have you got any Prairie Charms?

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Love/ Hate Relationship with St Tropez Bronzing Mousse

I recently got sent the St Tropez Bronzing Mousse from Hairtrade to review and was saving it for a special occasion to do my friends 30th Hot Tub party was an ideal event to trial it for! is one of the UK's leading online retailers of hair extensions, hair care and beauty products.

Now I must give you a bit of back history of mine and St Tropez's relationship.....

St Tropez was the first ever tanning brand I was trained to use (you may or may not know I used to be a beauty therapist...still dabble now and again), and immediately fell in love with the Original Bronzing lotion, it was the first innovative tanning brand to guarantee no tangerine tones or Satsuma streaks, (previous Piz Buin foam nightmare still haunts me!) and also seemed to fade quite well. I was loyal and it was the only tan I would reach for on special occasions or pre- holiday tanning, but the up rise of rival brand such as fake bake making a promising appearance I strayed and got waylaid with the other brands for a few good years. 

I was excited to return to this brand and try out their tanning mousse,  I prepared as usual (exfoliated, moisturised my dry bits, applied Vaseline to the hairline and eyebrows, even applying an extra dab of moisturiser to the knees hands and feet), and proceeded to apply the mousse.  

It wasn’t as dark as I remember the lotion being so I gave my legs and chest a second coating (this only really takes the best effect after you have let the first coat develop and then reapply but I didn’t have 2 nights to tan!) I went to bed to let it develop overnight full of hope that I would wake up a bronzed goddess.......

I awoke, not as dark as I would have liked and certainly not as dark as other tans make me, and my knees, elbows and feet seemed to have taken a bit too much and were darker than the rest of me, but the overall colour was a nice golden shade, I’ve listed the Good Points and Bad points below:

· Overall colour a gorgeous golden
· Natural look
· No orange tinge
· Easy to apply - guide colour for ease of application
· Good for beginners or people wanting a tan that’s not too dark
BAD POINTS (Only personal form tanning preferences)

· Not dark enough for me
· Stuck to dry areas more than other tans do
· Goes watery when using gloves - use a mitt to apply

I would probably not reach for this tan agian, I prefer Fake Bake or Vita Liberata but would reccommend this tan for beginners or people who are naturally fair wanting a golden glow rather than a full on deep tan. I might even give the St Tropez Dark lotion a trial....
St Tropez Bronzing Mousse is available at Hairtrade Click Here RRP: £30.64 Hairtrade Price: £24.51

Have you tried this tan, what did you think?/

Whats your favourite tan?


Friday, 2 November 2012

Recreation Inspiration

Love this style!

I found this pic on Polyvore and totally loved it, it's so casually cool, and stylish.  I love the pop of neon with the neutrals of the skirt and blazer.  SOooo i decided to try to recreate the look on polyvore

Autumn Inspiration

Autumn Inspiration by leigh-georgina-carney Follow me on POLYVORE!!!

Friday, 28 September 2012

What's your Day Job Blogger? Tag.


Before I became a blogger myself and was an avid reader of many, I was, and still am intrigued as to what the blogger does as a day job. 

I was quite envious of people who seemed to blog all the time about fashion, make up and beauty events and seemed to get loads of freebies and seemed to be in the right place at the right time but then I discovered most are full time / freelance journalists, beauty editors or in the fashion / make-up game, any one of these would be my ideal job...(If anyone hears of any opportunities...keep me in mind?!?) ..But most of the blogs I follow seem to be done in the bloggers spare time for a hobby and interest, as mine is.  I’m a full time admin worker at Teesside University, I used to be a beauty therapist, but somehow ended up in admin work, don't love it but it's tolerable and pays the bills, i.e. buys me nice make up. 

So if you are a fellow blogger either comment below with your day job or re do this post mentioning my link, and make sure to send me your link to your tag post so I can have a gander! 

Or if you are a reader of mine and want to know what other blog authors you follow do as a day job give them a quick comment with this tag link and hopefully they will do a post on what their day job is!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Latest "Latest in Beauty" Editors Picks Box - get yours fast

Latest in Beauty keep on pulling out the stops with their LIB Collections and the latest offering is a beaut!


image description

Balmi Blackcurrant SPF15 Lip Balm (full size)

The coolest lip balm to hit the market protects from UV rays whilst moisurising lips too. 
image description

Nelsons Pure & Clear Purifying Daily Facial Wash (125ml; full size)

Cleanse away impurities with this seaweed and natural active plant extract formula.
image description

Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Body Bath Salts (30ml)

A sublime mix of sea salts, Epsom and organic oils - there are six fragrances in the collection, which you will receive?
image description

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Tweezers (full size)

High quality stainless steel slanted tweezers for easy brow shaping with a vintage floral pattern.
image description

Good Things Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser (15ml)

Superfruit extracts moisturise and mattify skin prone to breakouts.
image description

Japonesque Beauty Fixation Nail Polish Touch-Up (24 applicators)

A non-acetone nail polish remover for perfect and precise corrections.
image description

Japonesque Beauty Fixation Makeup Remover (24 applicators)

Quickly remove or correct all types of makeup with these handy applicators.
image description

Japonesque Beauty Fixation Tinted Lip Conditioner (24 applicators)

Deeply moisturise dry lips whilst giving them a hint of a tint.
image description

Mirenesse Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara in Black (Deluxe Travel Size 3.5g)

The 'Holy Grail' of mascara, the exclusive microwrap polymer formulation forms tubes around each lash making them the most breathtaking you could wish for.
image description

Chia Bia Seeds (15g sachet)

The natural way to boost your nutrition and improve your health - and can be added to face wash to make a scrub or body wash for a body scrub!

Get yours here the price is £9.95 and includes free delivery!!

Ill do a blog post to show the goodies when I receive it!


Saturday, 18 August 2012

VelvoTan Original Tanning another Cosmo Sponge!

I always used to use latex gloves to apply my self tan, but sometimes with mousse's and sprays they can remain watery in conjunction with the latex glove and take a long time to dry and sink into the skin, which can result in john wayne-esque wandering around the house flapping yourself dry for about 15 mins, or it can result in streaks.  

I first used a tanning mitt to apply my tan, when I bought a Vita Liberata travel kit and the Vita Liberata Mitt was so good, Iwas hooked and the latex glove was never to be used again!

Now it's fair to say I used the Vita Liberata Mitt a bit too much and wore it out.  So I went on the hunt for a replacement. I took heed to the packaging on the VELVOTAN Original tanning Mitt and thought well if it is "The Only way to apply self tan" I best purchase.  

This mitt, whether used with instant wash off tan, mousse or lotion, makes the tan go on quickly, evenly and the tan even seems to dry quicker? Its much better when applying on the hands too as latex gloves can leave a chalky residue which you have to rinse off meaning patchy tan can occur, this is so simple, you tan one hand, then slip the mitt straight on top and tan the other hand, with no risk of streaking !

Yesterday I bought myself a new mitt as again i'm wearing my current one out..(tan addiction?) I popped to Boyes and with all the best intentions to get myself ONE self tan mitt, but hey I walked out with said self tan mitt plus the facial version, HOW CUTE IS IT THOUGH!??! I could not resist!

VELVOTAN Orignal Self Tanning Mitt £1.99 plus VELVOTAN Face Mitt £1.49 both from BOYES

Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Sponge £3.99 BOYES

Oh yeah,  I also got myself another Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Sponge (Beauty Blender Dupe) as my other one went missing..... read my blog post on it here,

Do you use a mitt to apply self tan?


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Latest in Beauty : InFlight Rescue Kit *pic heavy*

I'd like to commend Latest in Beauty on their excellent timing, in releasing this InFlight Rescue Kit just in time for me going on my jollies, and I was super speedy in getting it in my cart and checking out as these Limited Edition themed boxes go very quickly, in fact they have all sold out but if you see the end of this post you may eb able to reserve one!

For £9.95 (+2.95 p&P) you get a box jam packed to the brim full of goodies to keep skin, hair and nails hydrated, safe and looking great from flight there to flight back home...take a look and if you like what you see get your's reserved pronto!!

Couldnt get any more in if they tried!

Goodies in all their glory!

Barkley's Cinnamon mints 50g

StriVectin Age Protect SPF30, 7ml tube + stay safe sun band(turns blue when youa re susteptable to ahrmful rays!

Alfresco insect Repellent 7.5ml spray this smells so herbal not like the awful chemical ones

L'Oreal Mythic Oil, 3ml, Can't wait to try this!!!!

Acai Powder sachet, to keep skin hydrated and to fight antioxidants. 

The divine Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, 15ml

Cult Classic now in Cherry

Xen Tan Dark, 30ml -

Garnier All in One BB Cream, 3 Sachets

good2goanywhere sanitising hand kit, to refresh on the plane

OPI Polish in "William tell me about it" Full size, 15ml bottle more of an autumn shade for me but love it still!

Follow Latest in beauty on Twitter here, or Like on Facebook  here to get to know when theese boxes will be available, can't wait for the next one....

Were you lucky enough to bag yourself this great kit? If not, Reserve yours now:  Email


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Clean Fresh Skin with THALGO Purity Freshness Exfoliator

You may well be aware I love skincare, and love treating myself to a DIY facial, once a week at least I deep cleanse, exfoliate, mask, usually either a deep cleansing or ultra-nourishing one depending on the temperament of my skin!

Now obviously, a luxurious facial performed by a top therapist in an indulgent tranquil beauty spa would be the ideal, but nowadays that is purely a luxury for most of us, so the chance to use a top of the range spa skincare brand, will just give you a little bit more of a spa at home feeling. 

During the summer months, skin can become slightly more oily (increase in sebum production from sweat glands due to warmer weather – notice I didn’t use term HOT weather, damn British “Summers”), and it’s important to gently exfoliate regularly so the oil doesn’t become stuck in the pores and lead to breakouts and blackheads. 
Thalgo Purity Exfoliator is a great gentle exfoliator to use once-twice a week in order to slough (love that word) away the dead skin cells and brighten and smoothen the complexion. 

I’ve been using this for a good month or so and my skin feels so fresh after use, there is an uplifting minty / menthol smell, which also gives a refreshing tingle and coolness to the skin afterwards, I will definitely be taking this on holiday, to ensure clear skin and a smooth tan! sell this for £24.50.  Click here to buy!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

RainCheck - FOTN

So after taking brief raincheck on blogging (wedding plans, holiday plans, exercise, work and social life all taking a step up in the last month) I return with a short but sweet FOTN.

*MAC Studio Sculpt foundation, Stila Bronzer, Smashbox blush, MUA Red Lipstick, MUA Eyebrow pencil in blonde, Estee Lauder Liquid Eyeliner, Avon SuperShock Max mascara, Hair: Enrapture Extremity Rollers.  

I went for a few cheeky ones, why not, with my friend Kim on Friday night, now, when you say a few you just know that it is never "just a few" and you end up drinking a bottle of wine, several bicardi's and a some cidres, and wake up the next day with the shakes, a wobbly chin and the well known and extensively endured "WineHead".  

I've also downloaded Picasa and have been playing around with effects and editing images 

Which editing software do you use? 


Monday, 9 July 2012

AVON SuperShock lash love?

After reading the gorgeous Claire's ( post on this month's Magazine Freebies click here to read it! I decided to seek out Marie Clare and scoop up one of Avon's 3 free mascara offerings.  I decided this was a necessity buy and was top of my Saturday Morning "Big Shop" list as the week previous, I was nearing depressive states after clinging onto the dregs of my ScandalEyes (click here for blog post) and it finally drying out.   I stupidly thought a Collection 2000 £2.99 jobby would suffice, it never, didn't even come close, (what was I thinking?).  

So Claire's blog post couldn't have come at a better time, Marie Clare for £3.70 with a huge 10ml freebie of Avon's Supershock Max Mascara it's a huge contender to knock Rimmel's Scandal'Eyes of my mascara top spot.  It's extremely black, glossy and easy to use, not heavy, claggy or crumbly the only down side is it doesn't keep the curl as much as Scandal'Eyes but it has certainly filled a Big Orange  Mascara tube shaped hole in my make up bag....


Have you bagged any of the Avon mascaras with this month's Marie Clare yet, or managed to pick up any of this months magazine freebies as recommended by Claire?