Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dolly Bow Bow Peter Pan Collars

I saw Kate's recent you tube vid (here) on these gorgeous peter pan collar style necklaces and knew I had to have them for this party season! I loved how they glammed up Kate's casual cable knit jumper and just thought it would be a nice touch to cheer up the simplest of outfits. 

I logged on to her Dolly Bow Bow Boutique and had the hard choice of deciding which colour to choose from as they are both lush.... the multi has the ultimate glam factor but the black is classic and goes with anything (I'm thinking plain white tee with skinnies and a blazer?!?)

Sooo my choice was to opt for.............................................both!

They arrived today (thanks for the speedy delivery!) in time for this seasons festivities and I love them already... the retro packaging....

here's me trying out the Multi ....

These are great quality and I'm so glad I ordered both which one to wear NYE?????

Love-Leigh-Leigh xx

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Style Crush : Ashley Tisdale

Ashley seems to have had a style overhaul recently and is less "HSM pretty glam" and is seemingly more cool and effortless, the outfit below is practically perfect in every way, it is definitely one I will be trying to emulate.... I especially love the co-ordinated lipstick and shoes (who else noticed this detail?!)

Rocking the leather mini.

Guilty Pleasure: Ashley Tisdale showed off her amazing legs as she enjoyed a spot of retail therapy following her split from Scott Speer

Image Source:

In need of the maroon suede wedge shoe boot...that's a mouthful.....

Stylish slouch.

Image Source:

Must get me some tango orange pumps to go with my indigo skinnies....

Gym Gear Envy.

Image source:

Yeah I look this stylish after the gym too....ahem....

Who's your Celeb Style crush????

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Sunday, 11 December 2011

FOTN + Polka

We we cooked a gorgeous meal last night by bro in law and I was completely stuffed and I have to say I over indulged on the beverages (of the alcoholic kind), Snowballs, Asti and Vodka Jellies did not make for kind viewing this morning I have to say......

Eyes. Smashbox
Face. Mac StudioSculpt
Eyebrows. HD Palette
Blusher. Urban Decay
Hair. Babyliss Curling Wand

In love with my Red Polka Top wore it with Black Skinnies and my Chelsea Boots

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Few Purchases: Clothing and shoe (well Boot!) Haul

How could I resist........
Chelsea Boot Studio
Leopard Chelsea Boot Peacocks
Polka Top Dotty P's
Beigh Dipped hem top Dotty p's
Hot Lips Tattoo Amazon (Review coming soon!)
2 pairs riding boots Dotty p's

I've gone a tad OTT on the boot purchases but loving all my items....only 1 pair of the knee highs are staying but can't decide at the mo!

my favourites from above are the Chelsea Boot and the Polka top...

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lunchbreak Pick me Ups

I needed a pick me up after the week of stress last week so I had a wander to Boots and look at the lovelies I picked up....


Rimmel natural Bronze - Sun Bronze (Matte) - a good, cheap dupe for Hoola in my time of need

Collection 2000 Concealer- Great under the eyes - it illuminates and banishes bags

Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume - after reading the review post by the gorge Vivianna I decided I needed this in my life - will experiment tomorrow and let you know results

Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara - Black - Currently £2 off the usual price of £6.99 in Boots how could I say no?! Will trial tomorrow morning and tweet the outcome!

Have you treat yourself recently????

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Monday, 28 November 2011

I'm in Love with a Girl...

...and her name is Allegra.....

now I just need to get my mitts on her...I'm watching 4 pairs on Ebay and hopefully I'll get one of them!

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Styleover Wish List

So with me being in the throws of self pity and woe,  basically what I want to do is invest in stylish, chic, timeless pieces that will be my go to garments in order to look sophisticated and polished.  I'm banishing my usual sale-savvy self and I'm not going to scrimp on price.  I will look for good tailoring, great fabric, flattering cuts and attention to detail while picking the best overall for value for money.

So here it goes my Styleover Wish List:

1.  A perfect fitting black tux blazer

2. A crisp white Tee

3.  Indigo skinny jeans

4. Classic Pointed court shoe

5. Flat riding boots

6. A splendid Pencil Skirt

7. The across-season Camel Trench

8. The lust have reliable, dependable go-to LBD

9. A Hot Pink Pashmina

10. Luxurious Faux Fur Coat

11. All Star Converse

12.  Teal Skinny Twill Trouser

13. Navy Cashmere Knit

14. Michael Kors Rose gold Watch

15.  18ct Gold Stud Earrings

16. Stiletto Ankle Boot

17.  Tiffany Necklace

18. Beautiful Evening Maxi

19.  Ray Bans

20.  The Louboutin

I'll inform you of my progress.......

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I Need a Flower Crown!

I actually need this Flower Crown in my's from Rouge Pony and I'm Deeply in Love

the only thing is how acceptable this piece is to wear in Middlesbrough.....???

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Arrrgghhhh SPOTS...HELP!

Does anybody have any good spot treatment advice???? 

 My chin and jawline has been covered for weeks in spots!!! I've got the full collection...blackheads (commodones for us technical geeks), pustules, little under the skin white bumps, boils, some that are scabbing over, the odd coldsore flare up......basically every type of ZIT you can imagine.  

They're all hanging out on my chin as we speak having a god damn whale of a on the other hand am not having a whale of a time because these bad boys are causing me not only physical pain (so sore!) but mental discomfort as they look awful! 

WHY WHY WHY are they not clearing up?!?! : (

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Latest in Beauty : Festive Stocking

The second offering of Latest in Beauty's Themed boxes has just been released and I ordered mine straight away!

I've gushed about Latest in Beauty before including one of my £1.00 monthly box reviews here and I also purchased their first Themed Box - the CEW Winners Box - in which was a 15ml size of Clarins Face Moisturiser plus other great branded goodies for £4.95 free P&P...thats right girls you even get change from a fiver!

These Themed boxes come around every 2 months I would say and since I received and ordered my first themed box (Late september?) I seriously couldn't wait for the Second Box "Festive Stocking",  to be released (hence the overexcited, some may say stalker-esque, tweets to @Latestinbeauty!).

The box arrived today and just take a peek at the goodies I received!:

In the box ( I must reiterate all for 5p short of a fiver!) were

  • THIS WORKS No Wrinkles Extreme Moisturiser 15ml
  • DP LONDON Firming & Smoothing body cream  50ml
  • RICHARD WARD COUTURE Hair optimiser Style Reviver  50ml
  • DOVE Express Treatment Conditioner 50ml
  • ORLA KEILY Eau de parfum 2ml vial
  • YARDLEY English Rose Refreshing Tissue

So in the box of treat we have covered, skincare, bodycare, haircare, and fragrance, what a bargain!

I may even buy some more of these boxes as stocking fillers for my family and friends (the lucky things them)

Has anyone else used Latest in Beauty yet? what are your thoughts?

Reviews on teh above products to come soon!

Love Leigh Leigh
p.s can't wait to order my next £1.00 monthly box - 8 more days to go!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Feel Unique Beauty Box: November's Treats!

I MUST learn not to peep at reviews of the Beauty Box before I receive mine - I'd love the surprise but I get too excited and may burst in anticipation at what is inside the box that month.

Yesterday at work I took a sneaky peak at the lovely Katie's review of Novembers Box Here - From her great review I was just so excited to receive mine and it came this morning -wooohooo!!

And may I say it is Amazeballs! - (sorry)

The theme this month is Primed to Party and the products and brands are excellent. (See proof in pic!)

Contents include: 

Prada: CANDY Eau de Parfum 1.5ml spray vial.  

Xen-Tan: Deep Bronze Luxe

Schwarzkopf Professional: OSiS+ Dust It Mattifying Powder

Goldwell: DualSenses Rich Repair 60 second Treatment

Emma Hardie: Amazing Face: Natural Lift & Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm 

Emma Hardie: Dual Action Professional Cleansing Cloth

Bella Pierre Shimmer Powder - 

so that's...Prada, Xen tan, Schwarzkopf, Goldwell, Emma Hardie and Bellapierre all for £9.95 ....WOW.

I cant wait to try all these delicious products, especially the Luxury Emma Hardie Cleanser along with Muslin Cloth.  I've had a quick spritz of the Prada CANDY and its a really fun, girly sweet smelling Perfume ...look out for my reviews on the other products when I use them!

Love Leigh Leigh

Sunday, 23 October 2011

How To: The Perfect Red Lip

The Pillarbox Red Pout is one of those all time classics along with the LBD, the Crisp White Tee, the Tailored Blazer and the Perfect Fitting Indigo Bootcut Jean.  Every girl, woman and man (the more extravagant ones out there!) must experiment with a red lipstick at least once in their lifetime and hopefully like me feel powerful, glamorous and sexy wearing it!

Although I had never been daring enough to try out a red pout until last month on a glam night out for my Friend Kim's Birthday. 
My outfit was the Black Lace dress from my previous post where I sent out a plea to all style queen to help me style the dress.  Wearing a black dress especially with a lace back, screamed out for an ultra glamorous make up look and I was feeling daring so I strayed from my usual smoky eye and nude pink lip and ventured onto pastures new, teaming a Gold Shimmering Eye with a Red Lip.

Outcome of my experiment below :)

After loving the outcome I decided to do a tutorial because,  as classic as the red lip look takes patience, commitment and willpower to get it right and to look more Angelina than Krusty the Clown!

Ok so First of all the tools you will need:

Red Lipstick (I would say the most important aspect of this look!)
Red LipLiner
Blotting Tissue (any old tissue will do the trick hey even toilet roll)
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion (*Optional but makes the lipstick stay that extra mile)

First Step: 

Apply The Eyeshadow Potion to the lips for a matte blank canvas - this enables the lipstick to adhere to the matte surface and the nude colour gives the lipstick a good background to get that POW from the Pillarbox Colour!

Second Step:

Line The Lips - using your desired lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick - this is crucial to get the same shade as you want no obvious difference.

When i line my lips to get that extra "Plumpness" I draw slightly (EVER SO - please don't go more than 2 mm over your natural lip line this is venturing on dangerous circus territory)
Apols for the Scary Alien Face :/

Third Step - The Fun Part -  Colouring In!

Fill in the lips using your desired Brand of Red Lipstick  (I'm using Make Up Academy from Superdrug - great brand for starting point especially when experimenting with colour choices)

Use the pointed edge of the Bullet to go over the liner to blend in. 

Fourth Step: Get'ta Blottin Gurl!

An important step often missed in haste but please invest in blotting after the first coat - it sets the lipstick into the lip and gives a good foundation for the next coat.

Place edge of  tissue/toilet paper/kitchen towel? inside mouth holding at either edge then simply close your mouth pressing your lips into the tissue then release the tissue - you will notice this has left a matte effect and taken the excess product off of the lips .

As previously said use any desired blotting agent, the more absorbent the better!

Fifth Step: Now for the Drama!

Apply a second coat of the Lipstick for me this is enough but it is entirely your preference and will depend upon the product you use as to how many coats you apply - but remember to repeat previous step (Blotting in-between each coat to ensure Long Lasting Lips!

Sixth Step: Perfection is Vital

Now unless you are extremely steady handed you will get slightly wonky lines, over application of product in the corners of the mouth or basically you may just need to start again...a good tipis to use a cotton bud (Q Tip) with Eyemake up remover on to gently remove (without effecting the main lip area) excess product or to neaten up the outline of the lips...For me my mistake is I end up filling in the corners of my mouth to much so I just neatened it up with the Cotton bud.  

If Intense smudging occurs then applying a little more foundation/concealer around the lips should disguise any staining from the smudge.  

Final Step: Finishing Touches

This is fun - from a basic red lipstick you can achieve various looks - adding a clear gloss for ultimate pazzazz, a shimmer for understated glitz, or simply adding a lighter colour to the middle of your bottom lip and to the top of your cupids bow to add extra volume as I did :) using a pale shimmery Smashbox Lipgloss.


I Will be experimenting with the Red Lip Look especially during the festive period at all of those Xmas Do's.

I've seen some girls wearing Red Lips during the day with really stylish clothes and I get so jealous not too sure I've got the courage to do that yet...but if I ever dare Ill let you Know!!!

Love Leigh Leigh x

p.s Great advice on choosing the perfect Red Shade for your skin tone over at Bella Sugar

Friday, 7 October 2011

Feel Unique Beauty Box: October's Delights!

Wooo Hoo- after 6 weeks of anticipation and excitement I have today received my first Feel Unique Beauty Box!!!!
(I even passed going to the gym straight from work in order to get home to review my treats!)

My first Impressions are extremely positive - Great sizes - great brands and great products all for £9.95 a month! (Details on how to subscribe are here on Feel Unique's website.

The Box is a sleek and chic, black and hot pink box with a slide out feature

Fabulous Contents Above!!!

Contents (L-R): 

  • Caudalie Vinexpert Radiance Day Fluid SPF10 - 10ml
  • TIGI Catwalk Sleek Mystique Straight Collection Blow Out Balm -90ml (My favourite product from the box - can;t wait to use it!)
  • Orly Nail Lacquer 5.3ml (Love this great multicoloured Glitter shade- Excellent for Party Season!)  
  • Burberry Body Fragrance Sample - 5ml (Must admit, I Had a quick, cheeky spritz and I would say this fragrance is sophisticated and polished- a great  work fragrance - not floral or girly) 
  • Crabtree and Evelyn Indie Hicks Island Living Spider Lily Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy -50ml (havn't tried this yet but can't wait to use it when I do my next Manicure)
  • Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash - 2 in 1- exfoliating face wash - 60ml- (This is true to it's name - absolute Bliss and a dream to use - love, love, love it foams really well, smells fresh and clean, none-drying, gentle exfoliating beads - but enough to make it feel like a good scrub, as I hate them type of scrubs where there's only about two exfoliating beads in one 10p sized amount and you need'nt have bothered - no this is actually one of the best facial washes I have used!)

Soooo will the next box be as good as this one?? After searching the web for reviews of the September Beauty Box (It looks great too)- I have confidence that Novembers will also be worth the wait and the while.

I am already a subscriber to Glossy Box and after a few disappointments I might wait until I receive my October Glossy Box, do a Vs post with Feel Unique and then decide which subscription to keep - although at the moment I'm favouring Feel Unique (even after only 1 box!)

Has anyone else received this months Feel unique Beauty Box - what do you think which is your favourite products.  How does it compare to GlossyBox???

Love Leigh


p.s. Please Comment!!!

Monday, 19 September 2011

New Product Crush - Instant Wash Off Tan!

 soo I regard my self as a Self Tan Snob...although my guilty pleasure was St Moriz but I've stopped using it now as it totally dries my skin out.

I have always in the past hopped from St Tropez Lotion and Mousse to Fake Bake to Xen Tan even California Tan with the odd Salon spray tan thrown in there...I've been using them for years and I'm somewhat of a Self tan Connoisseur.  I had never before May this year used an Instant Wash Off Tan...I sorta turned my nose up at them and just thought they were orange nasty and unreliable...WELL I can now say I have overcome my fear of Instant Wash off Tans and will be using them on a regular basis and can recommend them with glee and enthusiasm.

The Brand that helped me uncover this revelation was Vita Liberta 24 Carat Gold Instant Shimmer Tan- Available here or here.  This Instant tan goes on with no smell, best to apply liberally with a Tanning Mitt.  it blends in really easily on goes on a Golden / Caramelly colour with a subtle shimmer (honestly it's really subtle so your not gonna look like you've been attacked with a bag of glitter!).  

I ordered a new bottle of this before my holiday but it didn't arrive in time so the day before I went I had to scour the high street for a cheap alternative...I hesitantly decided to choose Superdrug's Solait brand Instant Tan in Matte (scared of an unknown shimmer product) and for £3.99 the damage to my holiday spending money was minimal. I can say that this is an amazing product - I thought because it was fairly inexpensive it may be orange but it was a dream....a great alternative to  Vita Liberata and it was my holiday lifesaver. Again apply liberally with a Tanning mitt, great coverage, great cover, great blending, great all rounder basically!

As with all Tanning, exfoliation is the key and I always moisturise the usual tan absorbing culprits (elbows, knees, ankles, and wrists,  most overlook the wrists but I always moisturise here as a patchy wrist can let down an otherwise perfect and elusive DIY tan). 

Has anyone else found any great instant tans or what are your best self tanning tips??? 


Help!! Style Advice Urgent Plea!!!

OKay so I'm going to Leeds for a night out for my Gorge friend Kim's Birthday on Saturday and with me purse strings being a bit tight after having to pay for my car insurance even thought it's just totally bailed on me (anyway long, different story), I have zilchamundo pennies available to spend on a new outfit...therefore I need help styling this dress (below) with some shoes and accessories I already have...ok so here are the options.....

Lace Black Parachute dress

Back View Full Lace back Section with large Gold Zip

Which Bag????

Which Shoes?????

I was thinking if I go for a polished look I could wear the Nude Shoes and nude bag with Crimson nail Varnish
If I was going for a gothic look I could wear my black show boots and my black bag with Deep Violet nails??

All advice greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Glossy Box - September- Disappointment

First of all Glossy Box is a really great company and show that they do really care about their customers and are really enthusiatic about the service they are providing and I would love to work there being surrounded by gorgeous products all day long but......

......what I need to get off my chest is that,  I'm being quite disappointed in my selections - It seems like everyone is getting at least 2 big products in their box where I seem to be left with all the small ones.  Take this months for example:

Does anyone else agree it look empty compared to others selections? Search for Glossy Box on Twitter/Google and check out some of the blog reviews and see what others got compared to mine!

Some other got The HD Brow Set, A full Size Deep Conditioning treatment for the hair plus the NUXE Multi  use oil (ALl in my opinion 3 great size luxe products)... 

I think that the people not getting the deep conditioning treatment (instead receiving the sachets of shampoo and conditioner ) should have got the Nuxe Oil instead of the green balm - Plus I would have loved the salt scrub instead of the green balm or the supershine spray instead of the shampoo and conditioner....I just think all the biggest products should be shared out equally ... #justsaying

Sunday, 14 August 2011

California Dreamin'


Twas my gorgeous cousins 21st party last night ...Fancy Dress...I do love a good fancy dress costume.  It's something about being in disguise that gives you (well me) a boost of self confidence, after the initial dread of walking into the party, that in turn helps me relax and feel more comfortable in my own person even though I'm dressed as someone else?!?

I was initially wanting to go as the meat feaster herself Lady Gaga, but the wig I wanted was a fortune on ebay plus I COULD NOT be seen in her minuscule outfits, that would just be horrific.  Me n 'im indoors decided to go as a couple and the only one we could think of, that were quirky enough to emulate was Russell Brand and Katy Perry.

I immediately set my heart on a blue wig a la California gurls vid, and I found a bargain one on so I ordered, it got delivered, I tried on, I loved!

I had a nightmare trying to co-ordinate an outfit that was Perry-esque I was on a budget too as I'm saving for V festival which I'm going to next weekend, so I just tried to put some things together that I had in my wardrobe already, I settled on a Pink print bubble skirt, a black asymmetric top, black tights (to tired to tan my legs) accessorised with an eclectic mix of costume jewellery and a giant inflatable lollipop ( I don't know why, I just did!).

I was most excited to do my make up - I went for a mint green, pink, lilac and electric blue mix with some glitter thrown in there for extra razzle dazzle, I also wore 2 sets of lashes.

I do have to say 'im indoors really suited his Russell cozy and I went all of a quiver when he put on his jeggings and guyliner!

I loved my wig and I am in the process of contemplating wearing it to V fest...???

Had a great night some pics Below


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Middlesbrough = the new Mexico?!?!?!

We are having very strange weather conditions in Middlesbrough the past couple of months - last few weeks have been non stop rain - then with most of last week into this week being glorious sunshine and the last few days in particular being at around 24 degrees and I can believe that, as I have been sweating actual cobs non stop!

Today has been glorious sunshine all day and just now we have experienced a torrential downpour (al la Mexico.... only lasting a few moments) but with not a cloud in the sky and thunder and lightening setting off car alarms left right and centre!

Don't get me wrong more of the sunshine and warm weather please,  but it's really weird having numerous weather conditions all at once!

arrgghh here's another rumble.......

My search for a Head - Chain is complete, Thanks to House Of Bounty -1989

I've been lusting after a vintage Head Chain on ASOS Marketplace for weeks - there are so many lush designs,  I just couldn't decide and to be honest they were a bit too pricey for me this month especially!

I searched the internet and couldn't find one for under £15.  I even contemplated making my own  but then thought I'd have to buy all the tools and connections and just decided to try one more option  before I embarked upon a DIY jobby......

So I scoured ebay for a bargain and boy, and I mean Boy I'm glad I did.  

I came across a 3 strand gold headchain for £0.99!!!!!!!! £3.00 postage but they make it to your individual head size with a link to complete instructions on their website  on how to measure.

I paid for this item on Monday evening and it was delivered today ...Wednesday!!!!!!

The packaging was firstly really cute see below - Candy Stripe bag with their business card attached(which I will be placing on the work's noticeboard!) (this was wrapped in additional bubble wrap as well as the jiffy envelope it was delivered in.  

Inside was the head chain in the really nice pink organza bag - which I will be keeping my headchain in. 

What do you think of the headchain - I love it (I like the dainty-ness)and it will be making an appearance at V festival.  

I can say I am extremely impressed with this company and after a little sneaky peak at the other items on the website,  I can say quite profoundly I will be purchasing a fair few more items --- got my eye on the envelope necklace and the hairchain to dressy up a ponytail. 

I may still invest in some jewellery making tools and try to make another headchain and maybe take inspiration from the ones on ASOS Marketplace and put a few gems/charms on the front or sides...what do you think???? anyone got any creative ideas??

Love Leigh Leigh xx