Saturday, 19 November 2011

Arrrgghhhh SPOTS...HELP!

Does anybody have any good spot treatment advice???? 

 My chin and jawline has been covered for weeks in spots!!! I've got the full collection...blackheads (commodones for us technical geeks), pustules, little under the skin white bumps, boils, some that are scabbing over, the odd coldsore flare up......basically every type of ZIT you can imagine.  

They're all hanging out on my chin as we speak having a god damn whale of a on the other hand am not having a whale of a time because these bad boys are causing me not only physical pain (so sore!) but mental discomfort as they look awful! 

WHY WHY WHY are they not clearing up?!?! : (


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  2. Aw no that's the worst! :( What I usually use to get rid of spots is any type of mud mask, then Clearasil has this spot treatment (not sure of the exact name- it's clear and comes in a little bottle. A bit expensive but worth it). And another tip- it sounds odd but works- after popping a zit, put toothpaste on it (I usually do this before bed) and it'll dry up the zit and take the redness out of it, making it more easily covered by makeup! I hope this helps!