Saturday, 31 March 2012

TK Maxx Spring Pastel Bag Bargains

I just had to share these finds I snapped up from TK Maxx this week - a mint green marc b quilted bag AND an Edina Ronay Pastel Pink Satchel . both bags were £12 each!!!!

If you fancy these 2 I suggest getting to your nearest TK Maxx quick sharp to nab these little beauties up!

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Flash of Fuchsia with SmashBox Eye Wish Palette

I acquired this gorgeous eye pallete from smashbox last Christmas and I love it so

with it's 12 matte shadows, 4 coloured eye gels / liners and the Smashbox Lid Primer, it hosts an array of colourful eye looks for you to try 

First Row Swatch
Second Row Swatch
Third Row Swatch

Fourth Row Swatch
Also comes with an Eye Wish Look Book containing directions on how to achieve various looks, I opted for Fuchsia Flash to bring a bit of colour ( seen as though it's now officially Summer...yay!)

 My Attempt - Gold inner eye with Flash of Fuchsia on the outward corners on a cream base

For a night out I would probably add some charcoal shading in the crease of my lid to glam it up a bit and maybe a bit of harmless glitter....

Add lashings of Benefit Bad Gal Liner to the proceedings and you've toughened up the girly pink lid

Have you experimented lately with a new eye look?

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Rimmel Match Perfection Bronzer & Concealer Review

Dontcha just love good ol' Boots and their good ol' 3 for 2 offers, I decided to take advantage with the Rimmel Make up, I spied their new Match Perfection Bronzer as it has a silver middle, so intrigued and in desperate need of a bronzer I chose to try this one

This is the light shade (med and med/dark also available) as if you choose a bronzer too dark you WILL look orange.  The silvery bit in the middle contains blue sapphire pigments which are said to counteract the dreaded tangerine tones that can occur.  

This bronzer goes on really smooth and doesn't look orange or too dark, the only thing is that as I have dry skin at the moment and it did start to look patchy at the end of day approx 7 hours wear.  

Rimmel Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting 2 in 1 Concealer and Highlighter

This product has a brush applicator and a soft squeezy tube, don't squeeze too hard'll end up with overflow!
I use a highlighting / light reflecting concealer under the eyes at the end of my make up routine to brighten the eye area - use patting motions DON'T RUB!

I thought this product would be better than the twisty / clicky concealers but I can already tell that once the concealer starts to run out it will be hard to get the dregs out , although I suppose I could cut the tube and scrape out the leftovers once it stops squeezing out.  

Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer

Although Its best to use illuminating concealers under the under eyes dont use these on your blemishes (no-one appreciates a highlighted zit!)
Try to use a concealer stick or one that has more of a paste texture that can be easily blended UNDERNEATH your foundation in a colour that exactly matches the skin. 

This product is a basic that everyone must own, it may be cheap but does what it says on the tin - it "HIDES THE BLEMISH!)

*Rimmel Stay matte Dual Action Concealer is great for treating spots whilst disguising them as it contains a green centre which counteracts the redness of a blemish, this also helps to disguise thread veins or broken capillaries around the nose area.  

What are your fave cheap and cheerful concealing / base products??

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Jumping on the Mint Green Bandwagon

Jumping on the Mint Green Bandwagon

River Island super skinny jeans
£30 -

£33 -

Chloé patent leather clutch
$1,395 -

Stone jewelry
$72 -

Banana Republic chandelier earrings
$45 -

Stone ring
$18 -

Mango sunglasses
£15 -

Essie nail polish
$8 -


It's so annoying that most, like 99.9%, of all beauty, blogging, fashion events take place "Down South" particularly London.  

This is annoying on many levels as not only are us "Northern Bloggers" missing out on great blogging opp's we are not able to preview or get involved with new product launches and indulge ourselves in our love for all things beauty.

This is why I am soooo glad that Rebecca (@Leer31 and bebeautifulblog ) and Lauren (@lauren_alice and misslaurenalicephelan ) have come up with the hash tag #northernbloggersunite to hopefully raise the profile of us Northern Bloggers and hopefully this will lead to brands utilising and giving their northern fans the opportunity to access special events and previews / launches of new products  

For The North has some great places for events to take place...I name but a mere few...


Pic Credit

LEEDS Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols Leeds

pic credit 

FENWICKS - Newcastle

Fenwick Newcastle - Inside the store 
pic credit

Hopefully we will soon see more fashion and beauty events happening up 'ere if you hear of any please keep me posted and ill do the same either on her or over on Twitter using the all important #northernbloggersunite !

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Battle of the Dry Shampoos

whom ever invented dry shampoos deserves an honour from the Queen, do you think she uses it?, anyway my hair is a 'mare to wash n blow dry, its so thick and unruly at times plus I don't really have time to wash and dry my hair every day, so in my battle to beat the grease I've trialled and tested a few Dry Shampoos along the years....

Left to Right: Schwarzkopf OSIS + Dust It Mattifying Powder, Tigi Bed Head Sugar Dust, Umberto Gianni Glam Hair Morning After Shampoo, TRESemme Instant Refresh Waterless Foam Shampoo,  Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume

In Joint Last Place - OSIS and TRESemme

With no directions on the tub I basically had to improv' with this fine white powder...which left me with sticky matted roots..WHY!?  I then "You Tubed" it and realised the product is mainly for creating volume underneath the top layer of hair so  it wasn't really working on the "remove the grease from my roots" angle

Isn't the whole pint of a dry shampoo to save on time and the hassle of blow drying your hair?? That's what I thought anyway but this Waterless Foam shampoo requires you to use a hairdryer (or towel dry :/), It may be good for short to shoulder length hair but It just didnt work on my hair plus it just didn't suffice in the whole time saving / not having to get the hair dryer out aspect

3rd Place - TIGI Sugar Dust
A finer and more translucent powder than OSIS, the product dispenses slowly so you don't get too much product as you do with OSIS, these powder shakers are a bit awkward to use but this one is slightly better on the result but still takes time to sufficiently de-grease 

2nd Place - Umberto's Glam Hair
Back to the trusted spray can , this did deliver in the de-greasing stakes and although it didn't matte it up as much as Batiste does, it does smell a lot better than all of Basiste's varieties, It smells fresh and is definitely a welcome refresher to "The Morning After Hair" - will buy again

and the winner is....

Bastiste Dry Shampoo
big & bouncy XXL Volume

Yup, this beauty delivers in all accounts, It's quick, easy and gives ultimate volume.  You cannot beat the brand we all began our Dry Shampoo journey with and this new concoction is worth it's weight in, well, dry shampoo!

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Monday, 5 March 2012

Kissable lips with Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Please meet your new chapped , cracked and sore lip saviour; this pink beauty is a bubblegum flavour lip scrub, which you can eat, may I add.  it gently scrubs the lips, clearing dead skin and flakiness, (which I know I suffer from at this time of year, damn you misleading spring sun, it's still cold outside!)  leaving lips soft, smooth and moisturised to the hilt.  

Lush's lip scrubs are made from castor sugar  and jojoba oil so it is sooo sooo safe and gentle (better than using an old toothbrush or whatever else we may have used in the past  eeek) and moisturises with an abundance of generosity without leaving greasy annoying residue, meaning your lips are left in perfect, supple condition and are the best-est base for your lipsticks, stains or glosses.  . 

You only need a tiny amount (amount on finger above is about 4 times too much of what you need) so this 25g jar will last you a long time, this obviously depends on how addicted you get to using it, or you may like the taste that much you have some cheeky finger dabs and licks rather than using it as intended...ahem ...

....anyway I try to limit to once a week during my weekly pamper sessions and follow with a lip balm or Blistex Relief Cream which I've had to slather on recently due to aforementioned cold weather happenings...

Anyway girls I think you should all give in to this sweet treat and at £4.95 you'll still have change from a fiver....bonus!

Let me know if you bought it and what you thought 

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Rimmel Scandal'eyes Mascara

OK Big Fat Voluminous lashes is what every girl dreams of, non?  

I believe I have found the answer to our prayers ladies...look no further than Rimmel's Scandal'eyes Mascara.  

it is the blackest of blacks and goes on smoothly and with it's humongous brush it covers the lashes quickly....very quickly.

The brush grips the lashes with security and lifts them upwards where they stay, the mascara is glossy and doesn't clump, crumble or smudge. 

Close up of eye with one coat

One eye eye without

2 coats + Benefit BadGal Eyeliner

 dusting of nude eye shimmer

It is crowned my "Going out Mascara" and I heart it immensely.  

Love Leigh Leigh xx