Sunday, 26 February 2012

My First Blog Award.....Versatile Blogger Award

My First Blog Award  courtesy of the lovely Claire (link to her great blog) is the Versatile Blogger Award!!

Firstly I would like to thank God, Jesus and my manager....haha no speeches here but I must obey the award rules and give 7 random facts about myself (can I find 7 goes..)

  1. I Love exercise and you'll mostly find me at Pilates, Pure Core, Spinning, Blast Fx (yeah it's as hard as it sounds) Yoga and the odd Boot Camp thrown in for outdoor activity ....but.....
  2. I also Love no beach body here ...yet (working on it)
  3. Some of you may already know I got engaged on Christmas day so at the moment I'm a total wedding head and I'm going to my first wedding fayre today so Ill post some pics n maybe do a post about it soon
  4. I'm an organised fool and make lists about lists...this can be quite annoying to my nearest and dearest
  5. You may not know although I'm just working in admin now I used to be a Beauty therapist and I have worked In Major Health Hydro's and Spas (Ragdale Hall and Seaham Hall Serenity Spa) to chain salons i.e Saks where we won Best Beauty Salon a  the renowned Saks Awards in London!! (it was like being at the Brits!) 
  6. I'm an only child...not spoilt ...honest ;)
  7. I took part in the National 3 Peaks Challenge last summer with some of my work chums and found the whole experience really amazing. I took part not just to raise money for charity ...woop we raised over £2500 for the Great North Air ambulance, but to build my confidence and to feel like I have achieved something.  I managed Ben Nevis and had an amazing time on the way up, the weather was beautiful but on the way down my knee took a jolt and I couldn't do the next Peak and was only "allowed" (by our Mentor Callum) to do part of Snowden, which was misty and beautiful.  I was really gutted not to complete all 3 but it was an amazing time nonetheless. 
Some very award worthy blogs that I'm passing on the above award too are below (apols if you have already received this award but you shouldn't be so god damn good!)

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nail Varnish Storage

I had a mass cull of my Nail varnish's and I was really quite brutal with my decision of what to keep and what to get rid of and I'm still left with 30+ colours!  ...(honestly I must have got rid of close to 20???) 

With the remaining chosen varnishes I utilised this hanging storage roll with 2 clear compartments and a bottom pocket.  
I placed the colours in the clear pockets so they're easy to see and I can just go straight to the colour rather than routing and rummaging around trying to find the colour I want

In the bottom pocket is where I keep my varnish remover, foot files, toe separators and Base and Top Coats

I keep this storage roll, along with my Pedi Flip Flops, nail art supplies and manicure tools in my Fearne Cotton Hat Box (that I got last Christmas which was full of goodies from Fearne's Collection @ Boots)

..and here it is,all nice, neat and everything together in one place!

How do you store your varnishes and manicure products?

Monday, 20 February 2012

New Job, New Stripes

Got a new job role, same office, different role, higher pay, moving on up....

...this means fab new stationery ...courtesy of the Ma'

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Feel Expensively Scentful in D&G L'Imperatrice

D&G Collection No 3 L'Imperatrice - The Star 

Flamboyant and energetic, for L'Imperatrice life is a movie and she is the leading lady. She is 

magnetic, vibrant; she exudes charisma. 

When L'Imperatrice looks at you, you are the only person in the room.

Succulent exotic fruits and bright pink florals give way to a musky, appetite-arousing base

This scent lasts all day and I am in absolute awe of it - I crown it my All time Favourite Fragrance and shall continue to spritz it dutifully

100ml £35-£39 , available at your local Department Store

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Blog Doubts and Withdrawals...

Even though I'm a tad haphazard with my blog posts, it hasn't even been a week since THE END and I'm experiencing blog withdrawal symptoms already....

My rash decision to end the blog was because, I must admit I was feeling inadequate...compared to the Big Players of Blogging Land I just didn't seem to be hitting the same stats and making the same impact. 

Although I adore and religiously follow beauty and fashion blogs on a daily basis and they bring great inspiration and good reviews and gives the reader a "one up" on beauty products that they were thinking about buying, I began to doubt and question the point of my attempt at blogging.

I haven't got a great camera so I'm never happy with how my pics turn out and this frustrates me and puts me off posting, especially make up photos as the lighting never looks right :(

I follow blogs that seem to have been around the same amount of time as mine but they have way more followers and comments etc so me being me I've taken this personally!

I'm also a tad self body conscious so feel bleurgh about doing outfit posts : S

If any of my friends read my blog and mention it to me in "real life" I get shy and embarrassed about it...I don't know why???

Should we care about the amount of followers we get or the amount of comments?  I am a regular commenter(??) on blogs and I don't hesitate to make a positive comment on a post I have enjoyed or taken inspiration from. (I guess my blog doesn't provoke the same reactions?)

Love Leigh Leigh is returning as I do enjoy it and it shouldn't feel like a competition. I shall continue to enjoy reading and following some of my fave big players of blogging and keep on making new Blogging chums and having a happy blogging hobby :) 

Shout Out to my Fave Blogs

The Professional and Organised Muhsine @

The Very Fashion Forward and Extremely Gorgeous Molly @

The girl with the most enviable style, the classic beauty Laura @

The Pretty and  Witty Jennifer @

My Newest Blog Crush and Amazing Hair and Style and job (I'm not too jealous ... honest!) Milly @

A Special Shout out to

My first ever blog I followed because of her great make up reviews (very useful foundation comparison post)

... it is...

The Chic, Beautiful and savvy Claire @ (beware you will get Eyebrow envy!)

Also a Big Mention for a great and inspiring  blogger. . . 

The sweet and naturally beautiful Marie @ (Marie always replies to tweets and comments and she is a really great blogger too!)

Well Ill now try to compose my first returning post and hopefully make it a good one!

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Get Photo Fabulous....with James Brown Hair Care

Always be Camera Ready with James Brown's Photo Fabulous Range.

I got this set for Christmas and I've used some Of James' Volume Range a while ago and I wasn't too impressed (super dry ends and frizz) but this Photo Fabulous Shampoo, Conditioner and Intensive Treatment really moisturise the hair.  My hair felt silky and super conditioned without feeling weighed down and flat or heavy and made it really easy to style and my hair even kept a curl the next morning!

The results aren't temporary either....the more I use it the more I'm impressed, I use the intensive treatment sort of once a fortnight during a nice hot relaxing radox bath which gives super conditioned results...honestly my hair is so silky afterwards.

These are now my new "Night out" hair products as I know my hair will be "Photo Fabulous" even if I'm not in the embarrassing Facebook Pics the morning after! 

Have you tried this range??? 

What's your "Night Out" hair care routine?

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Cloud Nine Straightener Free Delivery On The C9 Hair Styler From Cloud...



Vero Moda white cotton shirt
€20 -

Sequin vest
£13 -

Levi Strauss & Co shorts

FOSSIL leather tote bag
$188 -

Reed Krakoff cuff bangle
$790 -

Kate spade bangle
$248 -

Danielle stevens jewelry
$80 -

Tasha crystal bangle
$32 -


Jersey scarve
$32 -

Obey hat

How to: The Lip Tattoo ....Tutorial

What you will need:

Scissors, Cotton Wool or flannel, Warm Water, Dark Lipstick, Lip tattoo, Mirror

Step One: Remove Lip Tattoo from packet 

depending upon the brand you buy it with wither be pre-cut but may need trimming or you may need to cut into half to begin with

Step 2: Apply dark Lipstick

Step 3: a) Press Blank side of lip tattoo over your lips.  Lips need to be in a gentle "ahh" position then trim around the shape made.  


b) if you get the Hot Lips Brand the lip shape is already pre-cut and you just need to shape using the guides to the best shape for you lips

Step 4: Starting with the Top Lip, remove the clear film from the  lip tattoo and place printed side into position on the lip

Step 5: soak cotton wool or Flannel in warm water and press onto the tattoo 

Tip: I found the cotton wool to be fiddly as part of the lip tattoo starts to come away before the other side is set so on my second attempt...yes this tutorial took multiple tries....I put a damp flannel over the whole lip and closed my mouth pressing into the flannel, this made sure the whole lip was covered at the same time.  

Step 6: After around 10 seconds gently slide the backing card to one side and the tattoo should be in place

Step 7: repeat process for bottom lip. 

Outcome should look like this....

As you can see the edges are a bit wobbly this hopefully will neaten with practice. If you do get the shaping wrong and a large amount is over the lip use a damp cotton bud to rub away the overlap from the skin

I'm not to keen on the design but this was one of my practice runs... I've got a pink and purple leopard print that im looking forward to using....

 What do you think of the overall look, have you ever wore a lip tattoo....would you???


Love Leigh Leigh xx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

punk Glam

Pastel Poppin' on a Saturday Afternoon