Saturday, 18 February 2012

Blog Doubts and Withdrawals...

Even though I'm a tad haphazard with my blog posts, it hasn't even been a week since THE END and I'm experiencing blog withdrawal symptoms already....

My rash decision to end the blog was because, I must admit I was feeling inadequate...compared to the Big Players of Blogging Land I just didn't seem to be hitting the same stats and making the same impact. 

Although I adore and religiously follow beauty and fashion blogs on a daily basis and they bring great inspiration and good reviews and gives the reader a "one up" on beauty products that they were thinking about buying, I began to doubt and question the point of my attempt at blogging.

I haven't got a great camera so I'm never happy with how my pics turn out and this frustrates me and puts me off posting, especially make up photos as the lighting never looks right :(

I follow blogs that seem to have been around the same amount of time as mine but they have way more followers and comments etc so me being me I've taken this personally!

I'm also a tad self body conscious so feel bleurgh about doing outfit posts : S

If any of my friends read my blog and mention it to me in "real life" I get shy and embarrassed about it...I don't know why???

Should we care about the amount of followers we get or the amount of comments?  I am a regular commenter(??) on blogs and I don't hesitate to make a positive comment on a post I have enjoyed or taken inspiration from. (I guess my blog doesn't provoke the same reactions?)

Love Leigh Leigh is returning as I do enjoy it and it shouldn't feel like a competition. I shall continue to enjoy reading and following some of my fave big players of blogging and keep on making new Blogging chums and having a happy blogging hobby :) 

Shout Out to my Fave Blogs

The Professional and Organised Muhsine @

The Very Fashion Forward and Extremely Gorgeous Molly @

The girl with the most enviable style, the classic beauty Laura @

The Pretty and  Witty Jennifer @

My Newest Blog Crush and Amazing Hair and Style and job (I'm not too jealous ... honest!) Milly @

A Special Shout out to

My first ever blog I followed because of her great make up reviews (very useful foundation comparison post)

... it is...

The Chic, Beautiful and savvy Claire @ (beware you will get Eyebrow envy!)

Also a Big Mention for a great and inspiring  blogger. . . 

The sweet and naturally beautiful Marie @ (Marie always replies to tweets and comments and she is a really great blogger too!)

Well Ill now try to compose my first returning post and hopefully make it a good one!

Love Leigh Leigh xx


  1. I really appreciate the mention Leigh!! I'm glad you're back to blogging. I know it takes a lot of patience and perseverance, but it's definitely worth it! You had a lovely blog, which I for one enjoy reading. Keep it up beautiful and don't be self concious!!

    Marie x

  2. Try not to go comparing yourself to those blogs with thousands of followers, it takes a long time to get to that level, and probably a lot of luck.
    Keep posting on things you enjoy, and while you still enjoy it you will be creating a fantastic blog that hopefully gets 'discovered' :)

  3. Thanks Girls - I will try to stay positive hehe :) x

  4. Hi Leigh

    Sorry I missed your "end" post but I'm thrilled you quickly changed your mind. I completely understand and share many of your frustrations.

    You do doubt yourself and find yourself asking what do they do, that I don't do! BUT hang on in there, you'll get there eventually. My first year of blogging was more like research, it's only recently that I am happy and confortable with what I'm doing. My stats seemed to shoot up suddenly after 6 months or so but my followers are still quite low. I too follow the likes of Bubblegarm, but she's been blogging for years and is London based, which helps.

    Keep up the great work for the Northern girls and a huge thank you for mentioning me x

  5. Hi Claire, Thanks you for this, glad to know others feel the same sometimes!

    I know I wish there were Northern blogging, Beauty, make up events hmmmm "Lightbulb moment?"...

    No probs about mention - Love your Blog!


  6. Hi Leigh,

    Probably everything you wrote in this post was exactly why I didn't start blogging until this week! Just wanted to let you know that you write really well and hold the reader's attention so keep going and people are bound to recognise you and then some of the fears you have will vanish! hehe

    Take care,


    1. Thanks Kunoor, what a lovely comment! Great to know my blog is appreciated :)

      I'll be sure to check out your blog!


  7. just started following you today glad u decided not to give up in the end ur blog is really good:)
    also noticed ur from middlesbrough me too! xxx

    1. Aw thanks Holly thats so kind!

      Great to see another boro blogger too! x