Saturday, 4 February 2012

How to: The Lip Tattoo ....Tutorial

What you will need:

Scissors, Cotton Wool or flannel, Warm Water, Dark Lipstick, Lip tattoo, Mirror

Step One: Remove Lip Tattoo from packet 

depending upon the brand you buy it with wither be pre-cut but may need trimming or you may need to cut into half to begin with

Step 2: Apply dark Lipstick

Step 3: a) Press Blank side of lip tattoo over your lips.  Lips need to be in a gentle "ahh" position then trim around the shape made.  


b) if you get the Hot Lips Brand the lip shape is already pre-cut and you just need to shape using the guides to the best shape for you lips

Step 4: Starting with the Top Lip, remove the clear film from the  lip tattoo and place printed side into position on the lip

Step 5: soak cotton wool or Flannel in warm water and press onto the tattoo 

Tip: I found the cotton wool to be fiddly as part of the lip tattoo starts to come away before the other side is set so on my second attempt...yes this tutorial took multiple tries....I put a damp flannel over the whole lip and closed my mouth pressing into the flannel, this made sure the whole lip was covered at the same time.  

Step 6: After around 10 seconds gently slide the backing card to one side and the tattoo should be in place

Step 7: repeat process for bottom lip. 

Outcome should look like this....

As you can see the edges are a bit wobbly this hopefully will neaten with practice. If you do get the shaping wrong and a large amount is over the lip use a damp cotton bud to rub away the overlap from the skin

I'm not to keen on the design but this was one of my practice runs... I've got a pink and purple leopard print that im looking forward to using....

 What do you think of the overall look, have you ever wore a lip tattoo....would you???


Love Leigh Leigh xx


  1. haha oh wow so cool!!
    You hair is gorgeous too :)

    Marie x

  2. Hmm it's an interesting trend! How long did this last? Can you eat/drink with it on? I bet leopard print would look great!

    1. Well....I struggled to take it off with baby oil on the night (requires patience which I do not have) i would say it lasts ok - I drank and ate and it started to lift towards the inside of the mouth (the moist part) if you get what i mean! xx