Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Quick Post - Races Outfit - Class Day


 Just a very quick post to upload my Ladies Day Races outfit choice - it was a choice between a Pink and purple warehouse dress I've had for a couple of years and wore to a few weddings which would have been ideal for the races or my absolute bargain vintage-esque prom dress from new look that was a steal at £7.00 in the sale!!!! The dress is a creamy white with small blue flowers all over with a sweetheart neckline.  

Anyway I decided to wear the New Look dress as I had some gorge nude platform heels and my cream/white Topshop flower bag that would go ideal with it.  

Pic below:

Apologies for the squinty eye,  I wasn't quite ready for the pic! 

As you can see I opted for a large white flower in my hair rather than a fascinator as I can never find one I like so I went for the flower as it matched my bag and dress and ring!

Make up I kept quite natural - apart from the False eyelashes!

Base: Mac Studio Sculpt
Bronzer: Benefit Hoola
Blush: Smashbox
Lips: Smashbox (light shimmer pink)
Eyebrows filled in with Bourjois Blonde Pencil. 

My Tan is 2 coats of St Tropez Bronzing Mousse!  I think it looks quite natural!

The Ladies Day was a really great Day = Great weather , good friends, excellent laugh and a great night out on the Quayside afterwards.

I love Ladies Day- the atmosphere is really good, and I enjoy seeing everybody really making an effort in their outfits and love all the mad and crazy headwear!

Has anybody else made it to a ladies day yet this summer?

Leigh xxx

Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Latest in Beauty

I have been using Latest in Beauty for a year or so now and just wanted to share the treats! is a beauty and cosmetic website offering samples in Skin care, Make-up and Fragrance and Hair and body care.  

You create an account and for £1.00 yes  only 100 small pennies of the queens royal sterling you can choose 3 sample size products in the above categories   

The samples come to you in a gorgeous pink box that is easily posted through the letter box! see below: 

I am a sucker for sample size products - I save them up and take them on my hollybobs or for a girly weekend away.  Or if im looking for a fab new skincare product it;s a great way to try before you buy!

The products I chose this time are:

Burts Bees Theraputic Bath Crystals (1 sachet)
Hugo Boss Boss Man eau de toilette (1 Vial)
YuBe Moisturising cream

Burt's Bees are a natural brand using natural ingredients - I took advantage of the advice on the back of the sachet to use these Theraputic bath crystals in a hot bath after my Saturday morning workout.  The crystals dissolved really well and made my bath smell fresh and soothing - I love these and will most definitely be purchasing a full size soon!

So obviously I wont be sampling this scent personally but i will let you knwo how my BF finds it - I actually think he may have a full size of this alredy but the small vial is great for him to take on holiday (hopefully we will get something booked soon)

Yu-Be Moisturising skin cream - at first I thought this cream was really thick and I wouldn't recommend it as a full facial cream - as advised it states it;s great for cracked, chapped dry skin on elbows, knees, lips and even as a cuticle cream.  I actually use it on my chin breakout I developed, after having a gorgeous Priory Coffee Berry Facial, it has actually helped clear up the spots and stop the flaky cornflake side effect too! I will be keeping this sample size in my emergency skin care kit to accompany my Elemis Herbal Lavender mask, Blistex relief cream and Elemis SOS cream.  

I cant wait till next month to choose my new samples - ( you have to wait 30 days and give a small review on each product before choosing more samples).  

You pay via a text message therefore 1 mobile number per email account permitted.  

Thank You latest in beauty

p.s.  I may try some of their luxury sample sizes that you can buy at anytime too!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

TK Maxx Bargain Finds: Gorgeous Storage, Ecotan Exfo and Make Believe Tan

I always love a good mooch around TK Maxx! You just can not go wrong from the clothes (there are designer bargains to be had!), to the underwear, to the house accessories (I've got my eye on some vintage looking union jack cushions and welcome mat!), they do fabulous handbags, hat and umbrellas(as a pedestrian living in north east England - I do find myself in need of a sturdy brolly!) to the toiletries...especially the toiletries!!!!

I was having a quick scour (I do recommend a good 2 hours if you are really dedicated to having a good old rummage) in my lunch break and found some really good bargains and finds.  Pic Below:

This is a pic of them all together individual pics and descriptions below

Vintage Boutique Make up/Toiletries/Jewellery Box

Vintage Boutique Storage £12.99 TK Maxx

I have placed my everyday use toiletries in this gorgeous storage box, there is a lift out layer on the top that I have placed my cotton wool pads and cotton wool buds in - this makes my skin care routine so much more pleasurable - the flip open lid is so easy to open and I can't wait to get some new Elemis products to fill it up!

I cannot Beleive I found this Eco Tan Body Exfoliator for £3.00!! What a bargain - I remember watching QVC as a teenager and loving the Ecotan show.  

Eco Tan Exfoliator £3.00 sale price TK Maxx

I used it that night and loved it - it is just the right amount of grittiness (any avid self tan user or exfo enthusiast will know the importance of the grittiness level).  

It isn't harsh but nor wimsical at the same time - it doesn't leave a residue as you would expect for any exfoliator that is to be used before a self tan - but I would use it as my usual exfoliator too .  The fragrance is really refreshing. I will go as far as to say it is a close contender to Elle Macphereson's The Body Start The Day body Polish (another great Pre-tanning exfo).  

It is a big size too I would say if I use it twice a week it will last about 3 months, possibly longer!

I also picked up an eye gel:

Robanda triple Action Eye Gel £4.00 Sale Price TK Maxx

This eye gel is quite cooling on the eye area - but I am finding it a tad sticky..maybe I am applying too much?

My other find is the Make Believe Tan Discovery Kit

Make Believe Discovery Kit £5.00 Sale Price TK Maxx
It contains 

Self Tan Lotion
Gradual Self Tan
Night Time Facial Tan

All the products are I usually stay away from un-tinted tans as I fell safe wit tans with a guide colour...but I was brave and i thought you just can't not get this bargain.  Anyway I was at a party on Saturday night, so on the Friday I exfoliated with my EcoTan :)... and applied the Self Tan Lotion 

I found the lotion quite thick and creamy... not a good sign.... but it did sink in relatively quick for a lotion (mousses tend to dry quicker) and the thickness meant you needed to rub and it sort of helped to cover all areas.  I only did my arms upper back chest and face as that was all that was on show at the party lol! I was scared in case I had any streaks where I may have missed parts but hey presto - no streaks!

The colour was a nice natural glow and didn't make elbows orange!

I wouldn't apply this tan before an important event due to maybe missing any bits but I love the colour, I will probably apply 2 coats plus a couple coats of the gradual tan to get my normal desired tan colour but this is a great product for a summer glow.  

Another advantage point is that it doesn't leave you looking like a mud pit monster after applying and doesn't stain the sheets - both due to no guide colour so there goes to show there are pro's to having no guide colour 

I wouldn't recommend this product to the novice tanner - maybe try the gradual tanner first - as if un-practised in the art of self tanning streaks could occur.  

Overall I am extremely pleased with my TK Maxx bargains and will be back again soon...after pay day to get those cushions and welcome mat!