Sunday, 29 January 2012

OOTN: Pink Rock

Out for Tea

Wearing: Topshop Skater Dress, Opaques, Shoe Boots, Big Hair by Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Want Big Hair? Get Tigi BED HEAD Epic Volume!

I've got a lot of hair (on the head) but it's fine so it tends to lay quite flat, annoyingly. 

For Christmas I was quite  rather   very spoilt.  Amongst the goodies was the sensation that is TIGI Bed Head Epic Volume Shampoo & Conditioner.  

Now, I've had a long and hard battle with trying to get some "va va voom" into my hair, but this baby has ended my quest far (Tip: never trust or rely on anything too much). 

I must admit my hopes just before the first lather were not too high...


1. The shampoo seemed quite thick and gloopy (thicker than the conditioner...odd?) 

2: Past experience with Tigi Bed Head products left my hair quite flat 

3: See Tip above

...but Tigi with your Epic Volume formula you have proved me wrong and once blow dried my hair was mahoosive...if a little too soft/flyaway at the ends...forgiven due to voluminous effect produced throughout.  

Pic before styling:

How am i going to tame this!?!

How do you get Big hair???

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Monday, 23 January 2012

Boots Advantage January Sanity Saviour!

I am totally feeling the penny pinch that January brings and pair that up with a need for some pampering it isn't looking positive....that's where Boots Advantage Card points save the day! 

From my savvy Thresh hold Spend accumulations to my couple of times a week Meal Deal buys, my points can't help but rack up throughout the year and I always want to save them up and have a good old treat a couple of times a year, I mainly splurge my points on holiday toiletries in summer and after Christmas pick me ups in winter.

This January I had over £20 worth of points to spend in store...exciting times...the problem is that I'm known for my indecisiveness (whoa big word for a Monday with a hangover), in fact as my mate Kim says (and she's indecisive) I'm 87% more indecisive than her!

So after approx 7.5 visits to Boots in my lunch hour perusing the various treats I come to the conclusion I don't need make up, I don't need bath products, I don't need perfume, I don't need boring deodorant, eye make up remover etc (not that I wanna spend my points on them boring items anyway) but I DO NEED SKINCARE!!! please note NEED not WANT. 

So after a further 3 visits to boots and with varying items going in to and back out of my basket...yes a real life blue plastic boots basket... and my Elemis Therapist past giving me a guilt trip over converting to the dark side and not buying Elemis and buying drugstore skincare,  I see the gem that is Dr Nick Lowe Anti Age Starter Kit, I review the contents,  (cleanser, day cream, night cream and a dermabrasion peel...Squeal!) and place in my basket and know that this is going to be good...(Full on review coming soon).

I then get an image in my head of a nice wavy mane and begin to search for a curl constructor (my hair does not want to hold a curl I'm sure), and I find Charles Worthington Beautiful Curl Constructor specifically stating for creating curls, again this goes in the basket safe and sound, then I notice Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray for texturised waves...oh yes that sounds right up my I skip along to the till and pay with my points and walk away a smirle (smirk/smile) on my face and I cant wait to try out these and get the reviews up soon! 

The January Pick me ups...

How do you abuse your advantage card.....when was your last splurge????

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Saturday, 21 January 2012

TOPSHOP Sale: It's always worth a good ol' rummage!

I hardly ever go into Topshop nowadays...with online retailers and other high street shops having bargains galore .... Topshop always seems to be a tad overpriced (for me anyway) 

That doesn't stop me taking a green eyed browse in there on my lunch hour and being made to feel inadequate in my work clothes compared to the gorgeous shop workers in there parading the latest Topshop garments on their size 4 figures.....anywho...

...when Topshop do sale....they DO Sale....I can say 99.9% of my Topshop items have been from the sale shame...

Topshop don't seem to bring any old junk out of the stores either(for example as Next do!) and if you have the time and will power, not to mention a good elbow digging technique (loyal Topshoppers can be fierce at the £15 and under rack), then you can be sure to find yourself a good old I did on Thursday...

The Raspberry Skater Dress

was £22 reduced to £10 I got for £8

How I'm accessorising tonight..

shoe boots, opaques, black and gold clutch...

black and gold bangles, amber ring, gold necklace, gold drop hoops.

finished result in a OOTN post ....

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Primark Jewellery Storage

I'm always rearranging and organising my make up, jewellery,clothes, accessories etc so believe me I was slightly? filled with joy/excitement when I noticed, in Primark, for £3.00, a hanging multi-compartment, double-sided jewellery organiser...

My previous jewellery storage consisted of 1 jewellery box and various cosmetic bags with items in, then I moved onto stacked boxes containing my jewellery, then the boxes ended up at the bottom of a wardrobe, amongst the shoes (many shoes), which was rather inconvenient, then the boxes transferred into a drawer below my make up drawer.....(bit of a mess I know)

But once I was introduced to these hanging jewellery organisers I got to relocating my jewellery into them..and it brought great joy to my Monday night last night!

how do you store your jewellery at the mo?

Love Leigh Leigh xx

All things Leopard

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Bring Back the Bangs???

A year ago I opted for a was unruly and awkward at most points....walking to work in the north east English weather certainly did not help me out in the matter but for the first day after washing my hair I loved it.

The blighter has grown out now but I don't know whether to get it cut back in or opt for a side fringe...or go for a centre parting and have a long parted fringe...argh help me advice needed!!!

No Fringe....?


Bang Tidy....?

advice please!!???

Love-leigh-leigh xx

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Nail Art Giveaway..Nail Decals and Avon Polish


For a chance to win these Cute Nail Decals  "TinkerFairy" and "Stardust"  plus this gorgeous Bright Fuchsia Pink Nail Polish which I think will go with the decals perfectly...... all you have to do 

  1. follow my blog AND 
  2. if you are a new or existing follower please comment on this post to enter (including your email address, twitter username and blog link),  


1. One entry per follower
2. Must be over 18
3. Open to International followers too!
4. Entry closes Saturday 14th January 2012 17:00 GMT
5. Winner chosen at random and notified on Sunday 15th January 2012!

Good luck and in the meantime if you want to view a tutorial on nail Decals why not check mine out HERE!

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Horsey Neighls How to: Nail Art Nail Decals....

I have recently developed/reignited a heavy obsession with nail art...I follow Cristina's blog Let Them have Polish and I think this is to blame as I've been inspired by her amazing designs especially these Boho Glam Nail Decals 

(NEED these in my life, does anyone know any UK stockists of these rhinestone decals???)

During my search for the aforementioned beauties I found these Horse Silhouettes which I love I think they look vintage-y and I knew I had the perfect Nails Inc Polish to go with them (Jermyn St.)

Anyway if you like the result or you as am I slightly obsessed with nail art and would like to know how to use nail decals to achieve a similar look then read on ....


Nail Colour of your choice...depending upon the design some look better with pastels, metallic or dark shades....

Nail Decal - There are some great design and good deals on ebay...if you let me know of any other stockists please get in touch!

Scissors - to cut around the nail decal (depending on the manufacture usually these come on sheets together so you will need to cut around them)

Tweezers to remove the decal from the backing strip


Step 1. First of all paint your nails and wait for them to dry

Step 2. Carefully cut around the nail decal...the closer you can get to the design the better as this minimises excess transparent edge 

Step 3. Use the tweezers to peel the decal away from the backing paper - I thought this would be hard but it was really easy and the decal didn't curl under itself and get stuck (which I thought may happen) TIP- Take it SLOW!

Step 4. Apply Decal onto nail and apply Top Coat.

The Top coat prolongs the life of the nail art and also disguises the transparent edge around the main design of the nail decal.  

un wala...Horsey Neeiighls.....

did anyone experiment with Nail Art over Christmas????

Love Leigh Leigh xx

Friday, 6 January 2012

I'm Engaged!!!!!!!

well he finally popped the BIG happened on Christmas day and he placed the ring in door no.25 on my advent calender in place of the chocolate!

After the initial shock and saying YES, I quickly enquired as to the whereabouts of my choccie.....  (you cant deny a girl her daily chocolate fix no matter what the occasion!)

It made my Christmas and what a way to start off a new year...freshly and the boyfr....FIANCE....have no clue on where, when or how to get married yet think we are going to have some time not planning and just enjoying the engagement....

.....The Rock....

Love Leigh Leigh xx