Saturday, 21 January 2012

TOPSHOP Sale: It's always worth a good ol' rummage!

I hardly ever go into Topshop nowadays...with online retailers and other high street shops having bargains galore .... Topshop always seems to be a tad overpriced (for me anyway) 

That doesn't stop me taking a green eyed browse in there on my lunch hour and being made to feel inadequate in my work clothes compared to the gorgeous shop workers in there parading the latest Topshop garments on their size 4 figures.....anywho...

...when Topshop do sale....they DO Sale....I can say 99.9% of my Topshop items have been from the sale shame...

Topshop don't seem to bring any old junk out of the stores either(for example as Next do!) and if you have the time and will power, not to mention a good elbow digging technique (loyal Topshoppers can be fierce at the £15 and under rack), then you can be sure to find yourself a good old I did on Thursday...

The Raspberry Skater Dress

was £22 reduced to £10 I got for £8

How I'm accessorising tonight..

shoe boots, opaques, black and gold clutch...

black and gold bangles, amber ring, gold necklace, gold drop hoops.

finished result in a OOTN post ....

Love Leigh Leigh xx


  1. I always buy topshop jewellry in the sale. Cannot justify the price of their earrings spec when they always end up in the sale!!! P.s. nice shoobs! x

  2. Me either ...why pay £12.50 for earrings when you can wait and get them for £4! x

    p.s thanks and weird im just reading your shellac post x

  3. that skater dress is so good for £8!

    Marie x

  4. This is such a great look! I love the pink colour of the dress and the gold accessories! Awesome!

    This blog is so fantastic, well done! Please check mine out and follow if you like it! I promise to return the favour!