Monday, 23 January 2012

Boots Advantage January Sanity Saviour!

I am totally feeling the penny pinch that January brings and pair that up with a need for some pampering it isn't looking positive....that's where Boots Advantage Card points save the day! 

From my savvy Thresh hold Spend accumulations to my couple of times a week Meal Deal buys, my points can't help but rack up throughout the year and I always want to save them up and have a good old treat a couple of times a year, I mainly splurge my points on holiday toiletries in summer and after Christmas pick me ups in winter.

This January I had over £20 worth of points to spend in store...exciting times...the problem is that I'm known for my indecisiveness (whoa big word for a Monday with a hangover), in fact as my mate Kim says (and she's indecisive) I'm 87% more indecisive than her!

So after approx 7.5 visits to Boots in my lunch hour perusing the various treats I come to the conclusion I don't need make up, I don't need bath products, I don't need perfume, I don't need boring deodorant, eye make up remover etc (not that I wanna spend my points on them boring items anyway) but I DO NEED SKINCARE!!! please note NEED not WANT. 

So after a further 3 visits to boots and with varying items going in to and back out of my basket...yes a real life blue plastic boots basket... and my Elemis Therapist past giving me a guilt trip over converting to the dark side and not buying Elemis and buying drugstore skincare,  I see the gem that is Dr Nick Lowe Anti Age Starter Kit, I review the contents,  (cleanser, day cream, night cream and a dermabrasion peel...Squeal!) and place in my basket and know that this is going to be good...(Full on review coming soon).

I then get an image in my head of a nice wavy mane and begin to search for a curl constructor (my hair does not want to hold a curl I'm sure), and I find Charles Worthington Beautiful Curl Constructor specifically stating for creating curls, again this goes in the basket safe and sound, then I notice Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray for texturised waves...oh yes that sounds right up my I skip along to the till and pay with my points and walk away a smirle (smirk/smile) on my face and I cant wait to try out these and get the reviews up soon! 

The January Pick me ups...

How do you abuse your advantage card.....when was your last splurge????

Love Leigh Leigh xx

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  1. Oo curl creator, that sounds right up my alley! Great buys, I am itching to get into Boots and Superdrug this week :)