Monday, 5 March 2012

Kissable lips with Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Please meet your new chapped , cracked and sore lip saviour; this pink beauty is a bubblegum flavour lip scrub, which you can eat, may I add.  it gently scrubs the lips, clearing dead skin and flakiness, (which I know I suffer from at this time of year, damn you misleading spring sun, it's still cold outside!)  leaving lips soft, smooth and moisturised to the hilt.  

Lush's lip scrubs are made from castor sugar  and jojoba oil so it is sooo sooo safe and gentle (better than using an old toothbrush or whatever else we may have used in the past  eeek) and moisturises with an abundance of generosity without leaving greasy annoying residue, meaning your lips are left in perfect, supple condition and are the best-est base for your lipsticks, stains or glosses.  . 

You only need a tiny amount (amount on finger above is about 4 times too much of what you need) so this 25g jar will last you a long time, this obviously depends on how addicted you get to using it, or you may like the taste that much you have some cheeky finger dabs and licks rather than using it as intended...ahem ...

....anyway I try to limit to once a week during my weekly pamper sessions and follow with a lip balm or Blistex Relief Cream which I've had to slather on recently due to aforementioned cold weather happenings...

Anyway girls I think you should all give in to this sweet treat and at £4.95 you'll still have change from a fiver....bonus!

Let me know if you bought it and what you thought 

Love Leigh Leigh xx


  1. Have been wanting to read a review of their lip scrub for ages! Thank you! I definitely need something like this in my life, sounds and looks fantastic!

    Marie x

    1. It really is gorge hon...

      let em knwo if you get it and what you think!