Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Few Purchases: Clothing and shoe (well Boot!) Haul

How could I resist........
Chelsea Boot Studio
Leopard Chelsea Boot Peacocks
Polka Top Dotty P's
Beigh Dipped hem top Dotty p's
Hot Lips Tattoo Amazon (Review coming soon!)
2 pairs riding boots Dotty p's

I've gone a tad OTT on the boot purchases but loving all my items....only 1 pair of the knee highs are staying but can't decide at the mo!

my favourites from above are the Chelsea Boot and the Polka top...

Love Leigh Leigh xx


  1. Cute items! I love the leopard print boots!!

  2. I know I love them too, I'm thinking a leopard print scarf to co-ordinate? x

  3. Those leopard chelsea's are gorgeous, can't believe they're from Peacocks!

    http://reverie-beauty.blogspot.com/ x

  4. me either had to get them and the best bit....£15.00 plus 20% student discount = £12.00!!