Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My search for a Head - Chain is complete, Thanks to House Of Bounty -1989

I've been lusting after a vintage Head Chain on ASOS Marketplace for weeks - there are so many lush designs,  I just couldn't decide and to be honest they were a bit too pricey for me this month especially!

I searched the internet and couldn't find one for under £15.  I even contemplated making my own  but then thought I'd have to buy all the tools and connections and just decided to try one more option  before I embarked upon a DIY jobby......

So I scoured ebay for a bargain and boy, and I mean Boy I'm glad I did.  

I came across a 3 strand gold headchain for £0.99!!!!!!!! £3.00 postage but they make it to your individual head size with a link to complete instructions on their website  on how to measure.

I paid for this item on Monday evening and it was delivered today ...Wednesday!!!!!!

The packaging was firstly really cute see below - Candy Stripe bag with their business card attached(which I will be placing on the work's noticeboard!) (this was wrapped in additional bubble wrap as well as the jiffy envelope it was delivered in.  

Inside was the head chain in the really nice pink organza bag - which I will be keeping my headchain in. 

What do you think of the headchain - I love it (I like the dainty-ness)and it will be making an appearance at V festival.  

I can say I am extremely impressed with this company and after a little sneaky peak at the other items on the website,  I can say quite profoundly I will be purchasing a fair few more items --- got my eye on the envelope necklace and the hairchain to dressy up a ponytail. 

I may still invest in some jewellery making tools and try to make another headchain and maybe take inspiration from the ones on ASOS Marketplace and put a few gems/charms on the front or sides...what do you think???? anyone got any creative ideas??

Love Leigh Leigh xx

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