Sunday, 14 August 2011

California Dreamin'


Twas my gorgeous cousins 21st party last night ...Fancy Dress...I do love a good fancy dress costume.  It's something about being in disguise that gives you (well me) a boost of self confidence, after the initial dread of walking into the party, that in turn helps me relax and feel more comfortable in my own person even though I'm dressed as someone else?!?

I was initially wanting to go as the meat feaster herself Lady Gaga, but the wig I wanted was a fortune on ebay plus I COULD NOT be seen in her minuscule outfits, that would just be horrific.  Me n 'im indoors decided to go as a couple and the only one we could think of, that were quirky enough to emulate was Russell Brand and Katy Perry.

I immediately set my heart on a blue wig a la California gurls vid, and I found a bargain one on so I ordered, it got delivered, I tried on, I loved!

I had a nightmare trying to co-ordinate an outfit that was Perry-esque I was on a budget too as I'm saving for V festival which I'm going to next weekend, so I just tried to put some things together that I had in my wardrobe already, I settled on a Pink print bubble skirt, a black asymmetric top, black tights (to tired to tan my legs) accessorised with an eclectic mix of costume jewellery and a giant inflatable lollipop ( I don't know why, I just did!).

I was most excited to do my make up - I went for a mint green, pink, lilac and electric blue mix with some glitter thrown in there for extra razzle dazzle, I also wore 2 sets of lashes.

I do have to say 'im indoors really suited his Russell cozy and I went all of a quiver when he put on his jeggings and guyliner!

I loved my wig and I am in the process of contemplating wearing it to V fest...???

Had a great night some pics Below


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