Friday, 28 September 2012

What's your Day Job Blogger? Tag.


Before I became a blogger myself and was an avid reader of many, I was, and still am intrigued as to what the blogger does as a day job. 

I was quite envious of people who seemed to blog all the time about fashion, make up and beauty events and seemed to get loads of freebies and seemed to be in the right place at the right time but then I discovered most are full time / freelance journalists, beauty editors or in the fashion / make-up game, any one of these would be my ideal job...(If anyone hears of any opportunities...keep me in mind?!?) ..But most of the blogs I follow seem to be done in the bloggers spare time for a hobby and interest, as mine is.  I’m a full time admin worker at Teesside University, I used to be a beauty therapist, but somehow ended up in admin work, don't love it but it's tolerable and pays the bills, i.e. buys me nice make up. 

So if you are a fellow blogger either comment below with your day job or re do this post mentioning my link, and make sure to send me your link to your tag post so I can have a gander! 

Or if you are a reader of mine and want to know what other blog authors you follow do as a day job give them a quick comment with this tag link and hopefully they will do a post on what their day job is!


  1. Im a student nurse at the moment, but ill be fitting it around 12 hour shifts soon :)

    Lorna xxx

  2. ooo Well done you, good luck with the shifts! xx

  3. Hello,

    I am a full time Recruitment Consultant, and sell makeup online to try and make some more money, so like you, I just keep a blog to fill up my spare time.

    Jessica x

  4. I am volunteer in a woman's refuge center as well as psychology student and a mommy, this is my hobby around everything and my escape sometimes lol :-)

  5. I work full time at a car dealership and blog at weekends. i write mid week posts on the weekend and post up during the week when i get 5mins.. :) it is just a hobby and social thing for me, although have always loved fashion and clothes.

  6. I work in equine insurance and am a freelance musician. Blogging really is a hobby for me, and I don't have much time for it atm unfortunately! :(

    Fiona ( xx