Sunday, 11 November 2012

Love/ Hate Relationship with St Tropez Bronzing Mousse

I recently got sent the St Tropez Bronzing Mousse from Hairtrade to review and was saving it for a special occasion to do my friends 30th Hot Tub party was an ideal event to trial it for! is one of the UK's leading online retailers of hair extensions, hair care and beauty products.

Now I must give you a bit of back history of mine and St Tropez's relationship.....

St Tropez was the first ever tanning brand I was trained to use (you may or may not know I used to be a beauty therapist...still dabble now and again), and immediately fell in love with the Original Bronzing lotion, it was the first innovative tanning brand to guarantee no tangerine tones or Satsuma streaks, (previous Piz Buin foam nightmare still haunts me!) and also seemed to fade quite well. I was loyal and it was the only tan I would reach for on special occasions or pre- holiday tanning, but the up rise of rival brand such as fake bake making a promising appearance I strayed and got waylaid with the other brands for a few good years. 

I was excited to return to this brand and try out their tanning mousse,  I prepared as usual (exfoliated, moisturised my dry bits, applied Vaseline to the hairline and eyebrows, even applying an extra dab of moisturiser to the knees hands and feet), and proceeded to apply the mousse.  

It wasn’t as dark as I remember the lotion being so I gave my legs and chest a second coating (this only really takes the best effect after you have let the first coat develop and then reapply but I didn’t have 2 nights to tan!) I went to bed to let it develop overnight full of hope that I would wake up a bronzed goddess.......

I awoke, not as dark as I would have liked and certainly not as dark as other tans make me, and my knees, elbows and feet seemed to have taken a bit too much and were darker than the rest of me, but the overall colour was a nice golden shade, I’ve listed the Good Points and Bad points below:

· Overall colour a gorgeous golden
· Natural look
· No orange tinge
· Easy to apply - guide colour for ease of application
· Good for beginners or people wanting a tan that’s not too dark
BAD POINTS (Only personal form tanning preferences)

· Not dark enough for me
· Stuck to dry areas more than other tans do
· Goes watery when using gloves - use a mitt to apply

I would probably not reach for this tan agian, I prefer Fake Bake or Vita Liberata but would reccommend this tan for beginners or people who are naturally fair wanting a golden glow rather than a full on deep tan. I might even give the St Tropez Dark lotion a trial....
St Tropez Bronzing Mousse is available at Hairtrade Click Here RRP: £30.64 Hairtrade Price: £24.51

Have you tried this tan, what did you think?/

Whats your favourite tan?


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