Monday, 9 July 2012

AVON SuperShock lash love?

After reading the gorgeous Claire's ( post on this month's Magazine Freebies click here to read it! I decided to seek out Marie Clare and scoop up one of Avon's 3 free mascara offerings.  I decided this was a necessity buy and was top of my Saturday Morning "Big Shop" list as the week previous, I was nearing depressive states after clinging onto the dregs of my ScandalEyes (click here for blog post) and it finally drying out.   I stupidly thought a Collection 2000 £2.99 jobby would suffice, it never, didn't even come close, (what was I thinking?).  

So Claire's blog post couldn't have come at a better time, Marie Clare for £3.70 with a huge 10ml freebie of Avon's Supershock Max Mascara it's a huge contender to knock Rimmel's Scandal'Eyes of my mascara top spot.  It's extremely black, glossy and easy to use, not heavy, claggy or crumbly the only down side is it doesn't keep the curl as much as Scandal'Eyes but it has certainly filled a Big Orange  Mascara tube shaped hole in my make up bag....


Have you bagged any of the Avon mascaras with this month's Marie Clare yet, or managed to pick up any of this months magazine freebies as recommended by Claire?



  1. wow your lashes look amazing!

    Marie x

  2. Love a freebie! Lashes look great :)

    Cute blog, found it on the northern bloggers fb... now following! xo

    1. Thanks MyFanwy!!! I often wodner if anyone pays attention to my posts on there! xxx Great to ahve you as a follower will check out your blog now.