Sunday, 1 July 2012

Gorgeous Finds at has an amazing sale on at the moment so I managed to pick up these gorgeously designed recycled storage bags.  They are reduced from £4.99 to £2.95 and I bagged 2 of the Pink Vintage design and 2 of the fresh looking pear design. These bags are deceptive size don't realise how big they really are when opened up there are amazing!  Fastening with a zip and they have a sturdy base so stay standing in position.  I've filled one of mine with all my bikini's and I'm still pondering over what to put in the other 3, maybe one for shoes, one for jumpers and one for hats, scarves and gloves??? I cant wait to stand them all in the top of my wardrobe! (is that sad!?!?) 

I also picked up this cute rabbit hanging ornament, at the moment its hanging from the door handle to my green themed room but I may just log back onto dotcomgiftshop and get a few more of him and hang them on the wall together...oh and definitely pick up some more of the recycled storage bags...I'm not obsessed I'm just doing my bit for the environment....

Have you picked up any bargains from dotcomgiftshop yet??

Are you a storage freak like me!!

LGC xx