Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Clean Fresh Skin with THALGO Purity Freshness Exfoliator

You may well be aware I love skincare, and love treating myself to a DIY facial, once a week at least I deep cleanse, exfoliate, mask, usually either a deep cleansing or ultra-nourishing one depending on the temperament of my skin!

Now obviously, a luxurious facial performed by a top therapist in an indulgent tranquil beauty spa would be the ideal, but nowadays that is purely a luxury for most of us, so the chance to use a top of the range spa skincare brand, will just give you a little bit more of a spa at home feeling. 

During the summer months, skin can become slightly more oily (increase in sebum production from sweat glands due to warmer weather – notice I didn’t use term HOT weather, damn British “Summers”), and it’s important to gently exfoliate regularly so the oil doesn’t become stuck in the pores and lead to breakouts and blackheads. 
Thalgo Purity Exfoliator is a great gentle exfoliator to use once-twice a week in order to slough (love that word) away the dead skin cells and brighten and smoothen the complexion. 

I’ve been using this for a good month or so and my skin feels so fresh after use, there is an uplifting minty / menthol smell, which also gives a refreshing tingle and coolness to the skin afterwards, I will definitely be taking this on holiday, to ensure clear skin and a smooth tan!
Hairtrade.com sell this for £24.50.  Click here to buy!

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