Sunday, 1 April 2012

Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge - BeautyBlender Dupe

Y'all may be know the latest hype about the Beauty Blender available here.  this soft pink sponge is revolutionising the way make up is applied, boasting an airbrushed effect with high level of ease to use.  

now, for £14.50 its slightly on the expensive side for a make up sponge, in my opinion anyway, but I so wanted this after seeing many tutorials showing the results.  I deliberated, talking my self out of buying it, then talking myself back into it, hence and so forth, then I got poorly sick and forgot all about this little pink dilemma.  

THEN I stumbled across a familiar sight in Superdrug, something boasting a seamless airbrushed finish, pink in colour, and with a pointed tip...

O.M.G...did I find this Beauty Blender, no but I found a great alternative, basically an downright, unashamed dupe of the Beauty Blender, not as conical as the original but, it has the same suede finish,  rounded base and pointed tip, and to top it all off, it's nearly a tenner cheaper!  

How to use: 

  1. Wet the sponge squeezing out excess water
  2. Apply foundation/ concealer to the back of hand or onto the sponge and dot around face
  3. Gently bounce the sponge onto the make up, blending with this patting motion provides an airbrished effect
  4. Use the pointed end for around the eyes/nose/lips
  5. This patting/stippling motion removes the chance of streaking or tone change in the skin
  6. Wash after use

So, if you haven't already splurged and got your manicured mitts on the Beauty Blender, can I recommend this alternative to save your pennies?!


  1. Yes, I've got this too, so much cheaper and I bet it works just as well!

  2. I love it, makes such a difference than applying with fingers - for a night out when i weant heavy coverage i might apply a layer with fingers then another layer with this over the top??!


  3. I've never tried it myself but i've heard amazing things about the cosmo sponge!