Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Half Price Vita Liberata at Debenhams!

Just a Quick Post to inform you of the amazing sale on Vita Liberata at Debenhams! I'm not sure if Debenhams have stores nationwide but sure you can get this deal online too!

Im so glad i tried out Vita Liberata got a great deal on their travel pack on ebay and now im hooked, everything from the exfoliator, to the moisturiser to the actual tanning products deliver great results and if you opt for their tinted range it's foolproof!!
As well as providing a natural, golden tan it doesn't have an odour (obviously due to chemical reactions that happen during the developing stage you cant escape that familiar smell with any tan) and just check out the amazing ingredients below!!

After much deliberation and self control to not buy every product in the range in the sale (I've already got 2 bottles of the 24 carat shimmer wash off tan, it's a must have!), I decided to go for 2 products I hadn't used before, Rich Silken Chocolate Tinted Self Tan Gel for the Face and the Intense Silken Mousse (the darkest tan they offer), both half price, Face tan for £8.75 and Mousse for £11.25 both products totalling £20!!!! 
I will let you know the outcome of these as I will be tanning on Thursday night ready for night out on Saturday, but I anticipate wonders!

Love Leigh Leigh xx


  1. looking forward to seeing how they turn out :) always on the look out for new tan!


    1. It turned out gorgeous - although I think I used an exfoliator that maybe put a barrier on the skin so not as dark as usual ...tut tut I should know better! xx