Thursday, 21 June 2012

I'm a MAD Plucker...MAD Beauty

When I spotted these glittering beauties I had to have them, I had to own them, they are spangly, glitzy and gorge!, found in my favourite shop of the year, TK Maxx.  My lunch hour usually consists of me perusing the aisles of this store, trying to resist the urges of the handbag aisle,  mostly I triumph, yet I very, very rarely leave empty handed, whether I pick up some new gym gear, a cute diary or notepad, a pair of unique shoes I can guarantee I find bargain and leave pleased with my purchase.  

These tweezers from modern brand MAD Beauty, were certainly a bargain, RRP £4.99 but mine for £2.99 I was excited to bring some glamour into the depilation of my brows, of which these certainly do bring, I'm left with glitter all over my eye area!! A tad annoying, and I'm a glitter freak.  I can see these losing their sparkle after a few uses and I may have to retreat to my battered but reliable and trustworthy Tweezermans.  


  1. So glamorous, I love these! Great post and lovely blog!
    xx, Kels

  2. I barely ever pluck my brows..I just wax every week or so..hmm maybe Im lazy:)
    Great blog hun.

    1. I tend to wax when going on hol to get a smooth finish, Thanks Chick! xxx