Sunday, 26 June 2011

Blog Layout/Guided Tour


I thought I would give you a guided tour around my blog.  I've tried to make my blog as clear and uncluttered as possible, as from experience, I personally don't enjoy reading blogs where the page is really busy and it's complicated to get from one post to the next and to find your way around.  Therefore I'll just give a little guided tour of the layout of this blog...but please give me feedback on how you think it looks and areas for improvement.  

Okay so we have in the centre of the page the blog posts...and you all know how this works, the most recent post appears at the top, with a comments box below each post nice comments accepted ( I know I maybe teaching my granny how to suck eggs here but just as a starting point to the tour).  

To the left of the page we have the About me section, it's currently blank but I will fill in soon. 

Following this are my 5 latest tweets and a link to my twitter so you can follow if you like.

 Below this are the share it widgets so you can spread the "hype" about this blog.

Bottom left are the followers list and the subscribe option- who will be my first follower and subscriber...oooooo??? 

Home Button bottom of every page - thats a given. 

To the right - Search Box

Below you will find the blog archive listed by year and month.  

Leigh x

Tp the right of the blog postsa are

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