Friday, 18 May 2012

Get silky hair with........Macadamia Natural Healing Oil Spray

I really mistreat my hair, bleaching, blow drying, straightening, hot curlers etc etc, so my ends can be/are what you may call frazzled. BUT I have been trying to be a good girl and leave my hair to dry naturally and not use my GHD's so much resulting in the au naturel "curly" (No chance) "beach waves" (I wish) "wavy-ish" (getting there) "kinky"   (sort of?)  "oh just do what you want" (more like it)  hair style and tbf I usually wear my hair up for work and the gym anyways.

I'm now on a mission for long luxurious luminous locks and I have been road testing various leave in conditioners, leave in creams and hair masks, but I hadn't tried an oil (argh scary thoughts of adding oil to hair and being left with a greasy mop on top!), but I was excited to receive and test out the Macadamia Natural Healing Oil Spray sent to me from   

The Macadamia Natural Oil range boasts macadamia oil as well as the saught after Argan oil, both of these natural oils are utilised to rejuvenate the hair and maintain health and shine.

This Healing Oil spray is a really light mist and I apply to my towel dried hair from mid lengths and concentrating on the ends.  I either then blow dry or leave to dry naturally. I've noticed that my hair is less frizzy and feels sooo silky and it really shines.  Its a really gorgeous smelling oil too, sort of coconuty but not really (its a hard one to describe but I bet you can sort of imagine).

Now I did make a boo boo and applied this oil to my towel dried hair before a night out and tried to curl my hair and even through use of the Enrapture Extremity Hot Rollers, my curl didn't stay for more than an hour, so I wouldn't reccommend using this before trying to curl the hair (especially if your hair is like mine and curl resistant at the best of times), but using the oil after styling to smooth the ends and give a healthy shine.  

I will continue to use this oil both as a leave in oil and as a shine spray another tip if you have really thick dry unruly hair is to spray your brush, comb, tangle teezer with the oil and brush through the hair giving an even distribution on your hair smoothing out the follicles.

This moisturising miracle retails at around £15, but you can get it for £9.79 HERE!

Have you used this oil or any other hair oil?  

Love Leigh Leigh xx


  1. I have this and I can't make myslef using it, as I dislike the smell. I may finally start, as I can't stand the frizz in my hair. x

    1. I dont mind the smell, spray it on the ends of your hair whilst wet, thats when i sue it most :) x

  2. My hairs pretty damaged at the moment as I've just got back from holiday so it's been through a lot the past two weeks! I need something like this to cheer it up a bit!x